Humidifiers are used to improve dry indoor air conditions that can be created by air conditioning or heating systems. Some provide humidification only , while others offer both cooling and humidification . Read More

Isothermal humidifiers use a variety of methods to heat the water to create steam, and require an energy source. Immersed electrode humidifiers are simple and reliable, and create an electric current that heats the water to produce steam. For industrial applications or other heavy duty uses that require large amounts of steam, gas-fired humidifers can be used.

An adiabatic humidifier does not require heat to create steam, but uses one of a variety of methods to atomise the water, which turns to vapour when it is sprayed into the atmosphere. Compressed air atomisers use a compressor to create the water vapour. Centrifugal humidifiers spin the water to transform it into droplets, while ultrasonic humidifiers vibrate at a high frequency to generate the mist. 

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  • CAREL UK: humisonic humidifier - small ducts and fan coils
    humisonic humidifier - small ducts and fan coils
    humiSonic for fan coils is an ultrasonic piezoelectric humidifier that has been designed specifically for installation in fan coils units. A piezoelectric transducer immersed into water converts electricity into...
  • Munters: Nobel Museum, Stockholm, installs Munters humidifiers
    Nobel Museum, Stockholm, installs Munters humidifiers
    The Nobel Museum in Stockholm is the museum of the Nobel Prize and Nobel Prize Laureates from 1901 to the present day. Various scientific and cultural themes, along with the lives and works of the Laureates, are presented...
  • CAREL UK: ultimateSteam centralised steam distributor
    ultimateSteam centralised steam distributor
    The ultimateSteam direct steam humidifiers are designed to receive pressurised steam from a centralised system, treat it to remove all the condensate, and distribute the dry steam directly into the duct or air handling unit.
  • CAREL UK: humiSteam Basic humidifier
    humiSteam Basic humidifier
    humiSteam is an immersed electrode humidifier. Its reliability and flexibility make it ideal for a large range of applications, including civil environments, offices, hospitals, industrial facilities and steam baths.
  • Munters: FA6 evaporative humidifier and cooler
    FA6 evaporative humidifier and cooler
    The FA6™ Evaporative Humidifier/Cooler has been designed for integration into air handling systems in residential and industrial buildings. The design is compact and sizes conform to all typical air handling units. The...
  • CAREL UK: heaterSteam humidifier
    heaterSteam humidifier
    heaterSteam is CARELs resistive element type humidifier. It is suitable for high precision applications requiring the utmost control in humidity. It is capable of +/-1%rh control, subject to precise temperature control,...
  • CAREL UK: humisonic humidifier - display cabinets
    humisonic humidifier - display cabinets
    humisonic is an ultrasonic piezoelectric humidifier that has been designed for cold rooms or display cabinets. Piezoelectric transducers that are immersed in water turn electricity into high-frequency mechanical vibrations,...
  • CAREL UK: humiFog humidifier
    humiFog humidifier
    humiFog represents the latest generation of high tech atomising humidifiers and sets new benchmarks for energy efficiency, control precision and hygiene. humiFog uses a special pump to deliver demineralised water at high...
  • CAREL UK: OEM humidifier kits
    OEM humidifier kits
    CAREL offers OEM humidification control systems for manufacturers of air handling units. The new OEM humidifier kits have been developed to be a universal, flexible and simple solution to fit any requirement a manufacturer...
  • Munters: Humimax™ HM3 2000 evaporative humidifier
    Humimax™ HM3 2000 evaporative humidifier
    Humimax™ is a series of self contained humidifier units providing excellent humidification as well as automatic control of humidity levels throughout a broad range of application areas. Humimax™ comprises three different...
  • CAREL UK: humiSteam Wellness humidifier
    humiSteam Wellness humidifier
    Modern technology has enabled the installation of efficient, carefully controlled steam baths at spas, fitness centres, Rasul rooms, and private homes. The new humiSteam Wellness model is specifically designed for steam bath...
  • CAREL UK: gaSteam gas-fired humidifier
    gaSteam gas-fired humidifier
    CARELs experience in the humidification sector, along with Ecoflam gas heating technology, has enabled the development of the gaSteam range of humidifiers that run on gas, a source of energy that is often more economical...
  • CAREL UK: humiSteam Xplus humidifier
    humiSteam Xplus humidifier
    humiSteam X-Plus is an immersed electrode humidifier. It is suitable for installation in a room, using a steam blower, and for air-duct installation, using the new range of linear steam distributors. Features include: •...
  • CAREL UK: humiDisk humidifier
    humiDisk humidifier
    humiDisk is a small yet sturdy humidifier that uses a spinning disk to atomise water and transform it into millions of very small drops that, blown by a built-in fan, are introduced into the environment, where they...
  • CAREL UK: MCmultizone humidifier
    MCmultizone humidifier
    The MCmultizone system uses compressed air to atomise the water into very fine droplets that evaporate spontaneously in the air, humidifying and cooling it. In fact, evaporation occurs by absorbing sensible heat from the air...
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