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  • Brooke Air: Heavy duty adjustable blade supply air grilles
    Heavy duty adjustable blade supply air grilles
    Brooke Air
    The HD range are heavy duty adjustable supply air grilles. They are available in several versions with single or double deflection blades, and with horizontal or vertical front blades. The HD grille is a heavy duty version...
  • Brooke Air: FR/F floor grilles
    FR/F floor grilles
    Brooke Air
    The FR and F type floor grilles are used for supply and exhaust air applications. They are used in floors subject to normal foot traffic loadings. The cores incorporate steel rods within the cross tubes and the frames are...
  • Brooke Air: FL Flowline linear diffuser
    FL Flowline linear diffuser
    Brooke Air
    Flowline is a linear continuous slot diffuser that has been developed for aerodynamically efficient air distribution systems. The design of the deflection tube produces both low noise and low pressure losses, making it...
  • Schneider Electric: C-Bus lighting control and automation system
    C-Bus lighting control and automation system
    Schneider Electric
    The C-Bus® system is a microprocessor based wiring system used to control lighting. Ranging from on/off control of a lighting circuit to analogue-type control such as dimming electronic fluorescent ballasts, C-Bus® can be...
  • Schneider Electric: Acti 9 Isobar P distribution board
    Acti 9 Isobar P distribution board
    Schneider Electric
    Acti 9 Isobar P distribution board - 50% installation time saving - Designed and manufactured in the UK - Innovation delivering unrivalled productivity - Enhanced safety and reliability - Smart and Connected - Full 5 year...
  • Schneider Electric: Canalis lighting busbar
    Canalis lighting busbar
    Schneider Electric
    Canalis is a ready-to-install light system that is quick and easy to assemble. It is cost-effective and suitable for new build or refurbishment applications. Canalis KBL lights combined with Canalis KBA busbar trunking...
  • SAV Systems: FloCon™ Underfloor heating module
    FloCon™ Underfloor heating module
    SAV Systems
    The versatile, prepackaged and pre-tested FloCon™ Underfloor heating modules are purpose-designed for underfloor heating technology. Underfloor heating is now a standard solution for all types of commercial, public sector...
  • SAV Systems: FloCon™ Controls fan coil module
    FloCon™ Controls fan coil module
    SAV Systems
    The FloCon™ Controls module centralises the control valves for up to four fan coil units at the module on site wiring is simplified. Only a single cable route from the module to the control module is required. It allows...
  • SAV Systems: FloCon™ Commissioning cooling module
    FloCon™ Commissioning cooling module
    SAV Systems
    FloCon Commissioning modules are purpose designed to act as the distribution hub for groups of terminal units and can be configured for fan coils and chilled beams. Each compact unit has all components for balancing,...
  • SAV Systems: LoadTracker modulating mini CHP system
    LoadTracker modulating mini CHP system
    SAV Systems
    SAVs LoadTracker energy centre is a combined heat and power (CHP) system that also uses heat pumps and other renewable energy supplies to meet heating and electrical power requirements. A rugged piece of equipment with a...
  • Constant Air Systems: Prefabricated packaged plant room for Embassy gardens
    Prefabricated packaged plant room for Embassy gardens
    Constant Air Systems
    Constant Air Systems built a packaged plantroom for Embassy Gardens, a residential and commercial development in the regeneration area of Nine Elms in London. The plantroom was manufactered at the CAS site in High Wycombe...
  • Constant Air Systems: Off-site prefabricated packaged plantrooms
    Off-site prefabricated packaged plantrooms
    Constant Air Systems
    All of our plant rooms are manufactuered off-site to client specifactions. Our expertise and experience includes the manufacture of: boiler plantrooms; steam plantrooms; domestic hot and cold water plantrooms; chilled water...


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  • 42 Berners Street development transforms Fitzrovia
    42 Berners Street development transforms Fitzrovia
    AET Flexible Space has completed the supply and commissioning of underfloor air conditioning equipment at 42 Berners Street, Fitzrovia. The 27,300 sq. ft. building, part of the Berners-Allsopp Estate is a high quality new build development created through the demolition of two town houses, offering 22,000 sq. ft. office accommodation on five of...
    AET Flexible Space, 08 January 2019 News
  • Structural waterproofing specialist launches new website
    Structural waterproofing specialist launches new website
    Delta Membrane Systems Limited’s new website makes it easy to find useful information about structural waterproofing – products, technical resources, applications, training courses, case studies and news. The new mobile-friendly website offers an easier, fresh approach to viewing products grouped by applications: cavity drain waterproofing...
    Delta Membrane Systems, 27 November 2018 News
  • Airedale shortlisted for DCD Awards with Sudlows
    Airedale International, a leading British cooling specialist, has been named as a finalist in the Mission Critical Innovation category in partnership with Sudlows, a critical infrastructure specialist, for this year’s DCD Awards. The annual DCD Awards are designed to honour industry’s best data centre projects and most talented people. Highly...
    Airedale International Air Conditioning, 22 November 2018 News
  • Embedding acoustics into design
    Embedding acoustics into design
    Noise caused by sanitaryware and concealed pipework can be an issue in multi-storey buildings such as hotels, offices and apartments. To help architects, specifiers and M&E contractors understand and address this problem, Geberit has launched a new RIBA-approved CPD, Embedding Acoustics into Design...
    Geberit, CPD


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  • Data Centre World 2019
    Data Centre World hosts an exhibition of leading international data centre suppliers. Register and gain access to everything you need to build or develop your data centre: learn about and understand the latest advances in datacentre technologies; discover how you can revolutionise your data centre security, save money and improve efficiency; be...
    CloserStill Media, 12 March 2019 Event