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  • Herz Valves UK: DR wheelhead radiator valve
    DR wheelhead radiator valve
    Herz Valves UK
    The DR wheelhead radiator control valve has a pre-setting function using a double cone, which is also suitable for thermostatic operation. A straight and angled model is available, and all are nickel plated, with a white...
  • Herz Valves UK: DR lockshield radiator control valve
    DR lockshield radiator control valve
    Herz Valves UK
    The DR lockshield radiator valve has five functions: connecting, closing, presetting, filling and draining. It is made to DIN 3842. Closing is performed by means of a valve spindle, which can be turned to open or close by...
  • Herz Valves UK: DE LUXE thermostatic valve
    DE LUXE thermostatic valve
    Herz Valves UK
    The DE LUXE thermostatic valve is used for water heating applications. The upper part of the valve can be removed and/or changed by means of the HERZ changing tool while the system is under pressure. An O-ring is used as a...
  • Herz Valves UK: DE LUXE return valves
    DE LUXE return valves
    Herz Valves UK
    The DE LUXE return valve allows shut-off on a radiator return connection. When both the intake and return valves are shut-off (thermostatic head in position 0) the radiator can be removed while the system is under pressure,...
  • Herz Valves UK: Manifold with top meter
    Manifold with top meter
    Herz Valves UK
    The PN10 manifold with top meter is a rod-type that is used for the distribution of the individual heating circuits in floor heating systems. Each heating circuit can be controlled and shut-off separately. Components:...
  • Herz Valves UK: Multi-layered pipes
    Multi-layered pipes
    Herz Valves UK
    Herz plastic and aluminium composite pipes are used for underfloor heating, radiator heating and domestic water distribution. The multi-layered structure consists of a basic pipe made from polyethylene, which is covered by a...
  • Herz Valves UK: VODRV commissioning valves
    VODRV commissioning valves
    Herz Valves UK
    The VODRV (Variable Orifice Double Regulating Valve) commissioning valve is a circuit control valve for applications such as hydraulic balancing in heating and cooling systems, and adjustment of distribution mains, circuits,...
  • Herz Valves UK: TS-E thermostatic valve
    TS-E thermostatic valve
    Herz Valves UK
    The TS-E thermostatic valve is suitable for one- or two-pipe heating systems, and is available in straight, angled and reverse angled versions. Standard models feature a threaded socket, are nickel plated and have a white...
  • Herz Valves UK: TS-98-V thermostatic valves
    TS-98-V thermostatic valves
    Herz Valves UK
    The TS-98-V thermostatic valve has continuous pre-setting and readout, and is suitable for water heating systems in which hydraulic balancing via return valves is not possible or desired. The universal models are equipped...
  • Herz Valves UK: Three-way mixing and diverting valves
    Three-way mixing and diverting valves
    Herz Valves UK
    Herz three-way mixing and diverting valves are suitable for the constant control of cool and hot water. Valves are mounted in pipe system according to application (mixing or diverting valve) by means of commercial standard...
  • Herz Valves UK: Shield thermostatic mixing valve
    Shield thermostatic mixing valve
    Herz Valves UK
    The Shield in-line thermostatic mixing valve is designed to eliminate the risk of scalding in health care, social, commercial, public and domestic applications. The valve is approved by the TMV scheme and meets the...
  • Herz Valves UK: Semi-lugged regulating butterfly valves
    Semi-lugged regulating butterfly valves
    Herz Valves UK
    High-quality loose liner butterfly valves are designed in accordance with EN 593 and feature extended necks for insulation. The valves are semi-lugged. Suitable for water and air systems in heating, cooling, air conditioning...


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  • 42 Berners Street development transforms Fitzrovia
    42 Berners Street development transforms Fitzrovia
    AET Flexible Space has completed the supply and commissioning of underfloor air conditioning equipment at 42 Berners Street, Fitzrovia. The 27,300 sq. ft. building, part of the Berners-Allsopp Estate is a high quality new build development created through the demolition of two town houses, offering 22,000 sq. ft. office accommodation on five of...
    AET Flexible Space, 08 January 2019 News
  • Structural waterproofing specialist launches new website
    Structural waterproofing specialist launches new website
    Delta Membrane Systems Limited’s new website makes it easy to find useful information about structural waterproofing – products, technical resources, applications, training courses, case studies and news. The new mobile-friendly website offers an easier, fresh approach to viewing products grouped by applications: cavity drain waterproofing...
    Delta Membrane Systems, 27 November 2018 News
  • Airedale shortlisted for DCD Awards with Sudlows
    Airedale International, a leading British cooling specialist, has been named as a finalist in the Mission Critical Innovation category in partnership with Sudlows, a critical infrastructure specialist, for this year’s DCD Awards. The annual DCD Awards are designed to honour industry’s best data centre projects and most talented people. Highly...
    Airedale International Air Conditioning, 22 November 2018 News
  • Radiant cooling and heating
    The ability to economically heat and cool buildings, whilst considering the environmental impact, is becoming more and more important. This is especially so in large spaces such as offices, warehouses, sports centres, retail outlets, schools and hospitals where energy use is high. A range of options are available when choosing heating and cooling...
    Zehnder, CPD


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  • Data Centre World 2019
    Data Centre World hosts an exhibition of leading international data centre suppliers. Register and gain access to everything you need to build or develop your data centre: learn about and understand the latest advances in datacentre technologies; discover how you can revolutionise your data centre security, save money and improve efficiency; be...
    CloserStill Media, 12 March 2019 Event