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  • Commercial Industrial Heat: CHDA Electric architectural wall heater
    CHDA Electric architectural wall heater
    Commercial Industrial Heat
    Architecturally styled heavy duty fan wall heaters for commercial areas. Rugged construction without the ‘industrial’ look makes the CHDA an ideal choice for entrance lobbies, stairways and waiting rooms. Higher capacities,...
  • Commercial Industrial Heat: Taskmater electric heavy duty unit heater
    Taskmater electric heavy duty unit heater
    Commercial Industrial Heat
    Heavy duty unit heater for horizontal or vertical mounting. Ideal for space heating of larger areas such as warehouses, open plan stores, sports halls, factories and for anti-condensation heating in plant rooms. Mount with...
  • Commercial Industrial Heat: CQAC Electric fan forced wall heater
    CQAC Electric fan forced wall heater
    Commercial Industrial Heat
    The CQAC range of fan forced electric wall heaters are suitable for commercial areas such as entrance lobbies, stairways, corridors and waiting rooms. A robust electric wall heater, it is ideal for heavy traffic areas.
  • Commercial Industrial Heat: Electric ODH
    Electric ODH
    Commercial Industrial Heat
    The Electric Over-Door Heater is designed to warm air around the entrance area creating a pleasant environment to walk into. The models are surface mounted and are supplied with an adjustable bracket.
  • Commercial Industrial Heat: Electric high level heater
    Electric high level heater
    Commercial Industrial Heat
    Designed for general space heating applications, where a high level mounted heater is required. The fully adjustable bracket allows the adjustment of the direction of airflow for optimum heat distribution. The high-level...
  • Chauvin Arnoux: FTV100
    Chauvin Arnoux
    The FTV100 can be used to measure and display all the physical and electrical parameters of solar power installations simultaneously while also storing them.
  • Chauvin Arnoux: CA6116N
    Chauvin Arnoux
    The C.A 6116N is an ALL-IN-ONE instrument for testing electrical installations in compliance with the national and international standards (IEC 60364-6, NF C 15-100, VDE 100, FD C 16-600, etc). It combines design,...
  • Chauvin Arnoux: PRTC
    Chauvin Arnoux
    The PRTC is used to protect against the hazards due to opening of the secondary circuit on a low-voltage measuring transformer.
  • Chauvin Arnoux: MAP compact
    MAP compact
    Chauvin Arnoux
    Highlights Class A in compliance with the EN 61000-4-30 standard Integrated EN 50160 reports Display Compact
  • Chauvin Arnoux: Embase T82
    Embase T82
    Chauvin Arnoux
    The T82 range of transducers measures AC/DC electrical quantities and physical quantities and converts them into a standard low-level direct signal (current & voltage) They are normally used in conjunction with analogue or...
  • Chauvin Arnoux: E.Online 3
    E.Online 3
    Chauvin Arnoux
    E.online® 3 software is the essential tool for boosting your energy efficiency while making long-term savings. At the heart of your system, E.online® 3 has been designed to evolve alongside you as your operating requirements...
  • Aermec UK: ERSR High efficiency rotary heat recovery unit
    ERSR High efficiency rotary heat recovery unit
    Aermec UK
    The ERSR heat recovery units for indoor and outdoor installation are designed for commercial applications and are able to combine maximum environmental comfort with definite energy saving. With modern systems, there is...


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  • New plate heat exchanger sizing calculator
    New plate heat exchanger sizing calculator
    AEL has developed a free tool to help specifiers when it comes to selecting the right system and getting an instant quotation for that system. Before using a plate heat exchanger sizing calculator the principle that heat will always leave the warmer fluid and that heat energy will be transferred to the colder fluid must be understood. With a plate...
    AEL Heating Solutions Ltd, 06 September 2019 News
  • Airedale uses low GWP R32 refrigerant in Azure range
    Airedale is committed to developing environmentally compliant products without compromising on performance and uses R32 refrigerants in its recently launched Azure range. Products in the Azure range include: ultima™ R32 chiller; deltaChill™ R32 chiller. Following the 2014 EU F-Gas Regulations, HFCs with a high global warming potential (GWP) are...
    Airedale International Air Conditioning, 30 July 2019 News
  • Airedale - finalists in RAC Cooling Industry Awards 2019
    Airedale - finalists in RAC Cooling Industry Awards 2019
    We're excited to announce that four of our entries for this year's RAC Cooling Industry Awards have been accepted for three categories. Our drive to innovate means that we work on incredible, forward-thinking products and projects, and this year is no exception; we've been working harder than ever to solve complex problems and play our part in...
    Airedale International Air Conditioning, 09 July 2019 News
  • Radiant cooling and heating
    The ability to economically heat and cool buildings, whilst considering the environmental impact, is becoming more and more important. This is especially so in large spaces such as offices, warehouses, sports centres, retail outlets, schools and hospitals where energy use is high. A range of options are available when choosing heating and cooling...
    Zehnder, CPD


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  • HVAC & Refrigeration Show 2020
    The HVAC & Refrigeration Show is the UK’s only dedicated exhibition for the refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, heating and heat pump sectors – bringing brands to life: the Heating Lounge; the Cooling Room; industry Insight Series; GPD Workshop Theatre; skillFRIDGE; building Services Live....
    Datateam Business Media, 21 January 2020 Event