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Measurement - helping you find the best solution for your project.

  • Marldon UK: Royden® thermostats for underfloor heating
    Royden® thermostats for underfloor heating
    Marldon UK
    Royden® offers thermostats for use with the Royden® underfloor heating foil. A standard thermostat kit, a 7-day programmable thermostat kit, and a sensor conduit extension kit are available.
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: PCE-432 Class 1 datalogging decibel meter with GPS
    PCE-432 Class 1 datalogging decibel meter with GPS
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    Portable high-accuracy sound level meter with 1/1 octave band filter (optional 1/3 octave band filter upgrade). Includes factory calibration certificate according to ISO 9001 PCE-432 is a Class 1 datalogging decibel meter...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: PCE-174 lightmeter (lux meter)
    PCE-174 lightmeter (lux meter)
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    The PCE-174 is an easy to use light meter for measuring illumination levels within industrial, agricultural and research environments, as well as in workplaces and retail display areas. Measurements are displayed in either...
  • Chauvin Arnoux: PRTC
    Chauvin Arnoux
    Protection for people and equipment The PRTC protects people and equipment against the hazards that can cause a secondary circuit on a current transformer to open. Permanently connected to the CT's secondary, it...
  • Chauvin Arnoux: Enertrace
    Chauvin Arnoux
    The paperless plug & play recorder that meets your traceability needs ENERTrace is now also available in optimized versions: 3 analogue inputs; 6 analogue inputs; 3 negative U/I inputs. ENERTrace acquires, records and...
  • Ranger Instrument Co: TOPAS hot water meter
    TOPAS hot water meter
    Ranger Instrument Co
    The TOPAS hot water meter is a velocity flowmeter based on the well-established multijet measuring principle. It operates over a wide measuring range and is used in all areas of hot water supply management. Features:...
  • Chauvin Arnoux: CA6462 Earth & Resistivity Tester
    CA6462 Earth & Resistivity Tester
    Chauvin Arnoux
    The CA6462 earth and resistivity tester provides ground, earth electrode and coupling measurement using traditional rod methods. It has a heavy-duty, leakproof case and a large backlit LCD display. It is easy to use and...
  • Ranger Instrument Co: RUBIN cold water meters
    RUBIN cold water meters
    Ranger Instrument Co
    RUBIN cold water meters operate according to the flowrate measuring principle using a Woltmann turbine, and are designed for high-volume water measurement. The complete modular system covers a wide measuring range in all...
  • Chauvin Arnoux: Micar2
    Chauvin Arnoux
    PRODUCT ADVANTAGES class 0.2 / insulation 4 kV; up to 4 configurable analogue outputs; 32 measurable electrical quantities; DIN-rail or panel mounting; option of 2 or 4 on-off outputs; communication and programming via...
  • Chauvin Arnoux: PAC Series Clamps
    PAC Series Clamps
    Chauvin Arnoux
    The PAC series is a range of professional AC/DC current clamps. There are two different jaw designs available for clamping cables and small busbars. The PAC series clamps operate on the Hall effect principle, allow current...
  • Chauvin Arnoux: C-100 Series Clamp
    C-100 Series Clamp
    Chauvin Arnoux
    The C-100 series of Transformer Clamps includes 13 models that are safe, easy to use and high performing. Features: 1000A measurement, high accuracy, linearity, uniformly distributed winding for minimum dephasing,...
  • Chauvin Arnoux: E.Online
    Chauvin Arnoux
    A global solution for drawing up high-performance, profitable energy-saving strategies® is specialized software for processing and analysing all the energy consumption and electrical data from an installation via...
  • Apex Engineers: MeterBox 2 2x3-phase meter
    MeterBox 2 2x3-phase meter
    Apex Engineers
    MeterBoxes comprise one, two or three meters pre-wired in enclosures. These are supplied ready-to-install, which saves installation time. Meters can be specified from kWh to multi-functioned, and are available for...
  • Chauvin Arnoux: CA1884 RayCam
    CA1884 RayCam
    Chauvin Arnoux
    Designed for industrial use, it is particularly suitable for preventive or predictive maintenance. It provides all the measurements necessary to draw up comprehensive maintenance reports, whether electrical, electronic,...
  • Norstrom Group: IGT water meter
    IGT water meter
    Norstrom Group
    The IGT water meter has a cast iron body with a paddle wheel design that makes it suitable for borehole, irrigation and dirty water applications. It can be installed horizontally or vertically and the design allows debris up...
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