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Security - helping you find the best solution for your project.

  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Apex modular playground store
    Apex modular playground store
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    Apex playground stores are adaptable, relocatable and highly secure. The stores are fully welded steel shell and are available in optional external finishes including timber, brick or stone-effect cladding. Supplied fully...
  • Jacksons Fencing: Security compound
    Security compound
    Jacksons Fencing
    In response to customer demand we have developed a range of security compounds designed for use in internal or external environments to provide both protection and managed access control. We offer a number of standard...
  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Tool stores
    Tool stores
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    These highly secure vandal resistant steel sheds are ideal for storing tools and equipment at any site. They provide highly secure on-site storage or can be used as a workbase in their own right. The stores are vandal...
  • Barkers Fencing: ASSETGUARD CS3/CS4 security cages
    ASSETGUARD CS3/CS4 security cages
    Barkers Fencing
    ASSETGUARD is a secure walling systems that can be used internally and externally for existing and new build utilities applications to protect and prevent entry to secure assets: roofing system; single / double / three /...
  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Chemsafe hazardous chemical storage
    Chemsafe hazardous chemical storage
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    The Chemsafe range is designed to give compliance with the Health and Safety Guidelines on the safe storage of hazardous substances. Units are also built to be highly secure and vandal-resistant making them ideal for...
  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Secure storage unit for cemetery maintenance depot
    Secure storage unit for cemetery maintenance depot
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    Cleveland Sitesafe manufactured a new secure steel garage building that would be used to house all the equipment and machinery associated with maintenance operations at a cemetery. The building was fully constructed off-site...
  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Drumsafe secure storage
    Drumsafe secure storage
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    Drumsafe units provide weatherproof, highly secure drum storage. They can safely accommodate chemicals and flammables in IBCs or drums on pallets. Key features: made from seam-welded, 3mm steel plates; wing, sliding or...
  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Sports equipment stores
    Sports equipment stores
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    Highly secure, vandal resistant mild steel sheds are ideal for storing sports equipment at sports centres, sports clubs and at remote locations such as boathouses. The stores are vandal resistant, very secure and more...
  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Gas bottle cages
    Gas bottle cages
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    Cleveland Sitesafe produces secure gas bottle storage case in any practical length or width. These completely enclosed cages are manufactured from 3mm thick, 35mm x 35mm pressed steel fully welded angles. Top hinge reversal...
  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Universal - secure chemical stores
    Universal - secure chemical stores
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    Universal cabinets are fully compliant with all flammable and chemical storage regulations, and ideal as chemical stores or flammables stores either inside the workplace or outdoors. They are extremely robust and vandal...
  • Lang+Fulton: Steel louvred enclosures
    Steel louvred enclosures
    Lang+Fulton supplies mild steel louvred gratings for security and visual screening. Applications: housing for mechanical plant, ventilation grilles, refuse bin enclosures, compounds, architectural screens, security fencing...
  • Zaun Technology: SharpView Manager
    SharpView Manager
    Zaun Technology
    SharpView Manager Professional displays all video formats. High quality MJPEG video can be viewed alongside low bandwidth MPEG4 and H.264 with all resolutions supported. Events received from Access Control, Fire Alarms,...
  • Zaun Technology: Remote monitoring kits protect Thames Water generators
    Remote monitoring kits protect Thames Water generators
    Zaun Technology
    On-site emergency back-up generators at the UK's largest water and waste company have been protected with state-of-the-art remote monitoring kits. Thames Water manages more than 4,500 sites, the majority of them unmanned,...
  • Zaun Technology: SharpView Controller video surveillance system
    SharpView Controller video surveillance system
    Zaun Technology
    SharpView Rugged consists of SharpView Manager Professional security management software and the SVR-5716NR network video recorder. SharpView systems can record and manage multi-megapixel and HD video evidence from an...
  • Zaun Technology: HD VMS solution - Gallagher Command Centre integrations
    HD VMS solution - Gallagher Command Centre integrations
    Zaun Technology
    Gallagher Security has extended the range of video management systems (VMS) which can integrate into its ubiquitous access and control solution. Zaun Technology (prev EyeLynx Ltd) developed a plugin to integrate its...
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