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Zehnder is a leading manufacturer of designer radiators for the indoor climate systems market. It began producing central heating radiators in 1930, and has been developing, manufacturing and selling heating and cooling radiant ceiling panels and indoor climate systems since 1956. Zehnder has been a major supplier of designer radiators and towel... Read more
  • Zehnder: Zehnder ZBN radiant ceiling panels
    Zehnder: Zehnder Carboline radiant panel
    Zehnder: Zehnder Multi-service Foil radiant panels


    Radiant heaters

    Radiant ceiling panels can be used for heating or cooling. They free up floor and wall space and blend aesthetically with all types of architecture. The panels give a high level of radiation with a lower level of convection to provide a comfortable environment, without the draughts and dust movement associated with other systems. Radiant ceiling...
  • Zehnder: Zehnder LST low surface temperature radiators
    Zehnder: Zehnder Radiavector convector radiator



    Zehnder has designed and manufactured radiators since the 1930s. Products include made-to-measure central heating radiators, radiant ceiling panels and industrial air filtration systems. Column radiators Column radiators, available in classic or modern styles, are ideal for applications where elegance and practicality are priorities. Panel...
  • Zehnder: Zehnder Terraline trench heating


    Convection heaters

    Manufactures and supplies made-to-measure steel radiators, radiant ceiling panels and towel drying rails for commercial and domestic environments. Radiators are available in a range of colours and finishes....
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    Ventilation louvres

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