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ESPA Pumps

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The ESPA Group is an internationally established organisation that carries out activities in the water and energy sectors, creating products and offering services that cover a need, provide a comfort or contribute to preserving the environment. Evolution, innovation, wellbeing and standard of living have formed part of the ESPA Group project for... Read more
  • ESPA Pumps: CKE medium specification variable speed booster set
    ESPA Pumps: AUC 3400 high specification inverter booster
    ESPA Pumps: Firetech fire fighting booster sets
    ESPA Pumps: Aquabox compact storage tank and pressure set
    ESPA Pumps: Tecnoplus horizontal variable speed booster pump
    ESPA Pumps: Tecno Single pump booster sets c/w cat 5 break tanks

    ESPA Pumps

    Pressure boosting pump sets

    Supplies automatic, packaged booster sets for where existing water supplies are unreliable or insufficient. Features include stainless steel suction and discharge manifolds; pressure vessels with EPDM membranes; a steel chassis finished in a black epoxy powder coating; and fixed speed and variable speed options. Also offers wall- and...
  • ESPA Pumps: Jet PA self-priming water supply pump

    ESPA Pumps

    Borehole / water supply pumps

  • ESPA Pumps: ESPRES-ESPRES DELUX-WALLPRES pressurisation units

    ESPA Pumps

    Pressurisation units

    The ESPRES units are a floor-mounted, single/twin-pump pressurisation unit for heating or chilled water applications up to 5 bar. The unit automatically controls the pressure in a sealed system, delivering water at a pre-determined pressure. Once the system has been filled, the ESPRES unit will maintain optimum conditions. Should a loss of water...
  • ESPA Pumps: Commercial rainwater harvesting systems

    ESPA Pumps

    Water harvesting systems

    Commercial Rainwater systems with suface pump(s) or submersible pump(s). The X-Press 100 consists of a metal console inside the building and three stainless steel submersible pumps in the rainwater tank. The console inside the building has a very compact design. On the metal console are the pump controls and a solenoid valve with funnel for...
  • ESPA Pumps

    Drainage and sump pumps

    Drainage/sewage pumps for most applications. The GF & Draincor is for use in pressure sewage systems, drainage of sewage/wastewater from individual residencies, apartment buildings et, the transfer of sewage/wastewater from commercial buildings, industrial plants, hospitals etc. The S is for Water Drainage for industries, Sanitary sewer, single...
  • ESPA Pumps

    HVAC / circulating pumps

    Pumps for water circulation in heating and air conditioning systems....
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