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Hydro International

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Hydro International Ltd is a global company that provides advanced products, services and expertise to help municipal, industrial and construction customers to improve their water management processes, increase operational performance and reduce environmental impact. With over 30 years of experience and a reputation for engineering excellence... Read more
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    Drainage and sump pumps

  • Hydro International

    Water harvesting systems

    Hydro Internationals package of stormwater products is designed to control, store and treat stormwater runoff. The range of rainwater harvesting systems provide storage and reuse of rainwater captured from roof runoff for WC flushing, garden watering and vehicle washing....
  • A. Head office
    Shearwater House
    Clevedon Hall Estate
    Victoria Road
    BS21 7RD
    Call: 01275 878371
    Fax: 01275 874979
  • B. Ely Office
    Kiln Lane
    Prickwillow Road
    CB7 4TX
    Call: 01353 645700
    Fax: 01353 645702