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The history of Frese stretches back over 60 years to 1944 at Slagelse in Denmark. Frese is still a family owned and managed company and employs 100 members of staff directly and enjoys growth in the region of 15% per year. Frese has developed and manufactured the world's leading technologically advanced automatic balancing valves. These products... Read more
  • Frese: ALPHA threaded dynamic balancing valve
    Frese: EVA on/off control and dynamic control valve
    Frese: OPTIMA Compact DN50-DN300 PIBCV for heating and cooling
    Frese: SIGMA Compact dynamic balancing valve
    Frese: OPTIMA Compact DN10-DN50 PIBCV for heating and cooling
    Frese: PV-Sigma Compact valve for pressure and flow regulation


    Building services valves

    Designs, manufactures and supplies water control products for the sanitary and HVAC industries. Automatic balancing valves use the latest dynamic cartridge technology to offer high levels of accuracy, reliability and affordability. The valves ensure an optimum flow rate is maintained at a constant level, even under fluctuating pressure conditions...
  • Frese: Heating and cooling units for multi-use development
    Frese: ConHeat HW-IH - dual heat interface units for apartments
    Frese: AquaHeat HW-DH - hot water & direct heating units
    Frese: ConHeat IWH - instant hot water units for apartments
    Frese: AquaHeat HW-IH - twin plate heat interface unit


    Heat interface units

  • Frese: E5P brazed plate heat exchanger for residential heating
    Frese: B649 - brazed plate heat exchanger for district heating
    Frese: B427 - brazed plate heat exchanger for district cooling


    Heat exchangers

  • Frese: Frese DELTA T Control System


    HVACR controls

  • Frese: MODULA balancing and temperature control valve system



  • Frese

    Radiator valves

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