Diffusers and grilles are used to provide a covering to ventilation terminals. They are typically found where air conditioning or extraction systems are installed such as in hotels, offices, schools and other public buildings. Read More

Displacement units can direct supply air in the desired direction and include fixed blade, louvred, bar and deflection diffusers.

An air valve is an adjustable diffuser that can be opened and closed on demand.

Different types of grille are available for exhaust air, return air and transfer air.

Decorative grilles are used where appearance is important, and can be specified in finishes such as polished brass, chrome or nickel. They typically have a perforated, mesh or linear slot format. 

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Diffusers and grilles - helping you find the best solution for your project.

  • TROX UK: Ceiling Swirl Diffusers
    Ceiling Swirl Diffusers
    TROX is able to manufacture a range of ceiling swirl diffusers to meet most applications including: fixed or adjustable blades; manual or motorised adjustment; circular or square diffusers; supply and extract air; variable...
  • TROX UK: Slot diffusers (Types VSD and ALS)
    Slot diffusers (Types VSD and ALS)
    Slot diffusers are a very popular product within the TROX family of grilles and diffusers. They are generally suitable for continuous assembly and can be inconspicuously installed parallel to linear light arrays: diffuser...
  • TROX UK: Floor Diffusers
    Floor Diffusers
    Type AFG heavy-duty floor grilles are made of aluminium and have fixed horizontal blades. Single ventilation grilles suitable for raised access floor systems: nominal size 600 x 600mm; volume flow rate range 0-530 l/s or...
  • Elefant Gratings: Type SP steel floor ventilation grilles
    Type SP steel floor ventilation grilles
    Elefant Gratings
    Elefant Gratings offers Type SP panels which are suitable for ventilation applications.
  • TROX UK: Ventilation grilles - floor installation
    Ventilation grilles - floor installation
    TROX offers single ventilation grilles and horizontal run sections with special profiled blades. Nominal sizes: 300x75-1800x300mm and horizontal run sections. Volume flow rate range: 17-1350 l/s or 6-4860 m³/h. Grille face...
  • TROX UK: Type DJ high-capacity drum jet diffuser
    Type DJ high-capacity drum jet diffuser
    Type DJ high-capacity drum jet diffuser for long throw, supply air applications. Suitable for exposed duct mounting or sidewall installations; volume flow rate range 138-2000 l/s or 500-7200m3/h; grille face made of...
  • TROX UK: Ventilation grilles - wall, sill and duct installation
    Ventilation grilles - wall, sill and duct installation
    TROX is renowned for its grille and diffuser manufacture. With an extensive product range, the ventilation grilles available cover many applications and requirements
  • Brooke Air: RCDD reversible louvre, adjustable grilles
    RCDD reversible louvre, adjustable grilles
    Brooke Air
    RCDD grilles are are adjustable supply air grilles with a reversible louvre. The RC reversible core grille is particularly suited to cill and sidewall applications requiring an attractive, versatile air terminal. The close...
  • Brooke Air: Architectural perforated grilles - stainless steel
    Architectural perforated grilles - stainless steel
    Brooke Air
    Perforated stainless steel mesh is offered for use with natural, convection or forced ventilation systems, for supply or extract applications, to cloak apertures or enhance design. Handmade punched meshes are manufactured to...
  • Brooke Air: T/TG black out transfer air grilles
    T/TG black out transfer air grilles
    Brooke Air
    The T/TG type transfer grille is suitable for mounting in walls or doors where transfer ventilation is required between adjacent areas. T/TG grilles have a light-proof double core. The various frame configurations are all...
  • Brooke Air: Drum jet diffuser
    Drum jet diffuser
    Brooke Air
    Drum jet diffusers are used for supply and exhaust ventilation systems. The Brooke Air range of drum jet diffusers are high air capacity terminals designed for applications requiring a long jet throw. They are ideally suited...
  • Brooke Air: FLX Flexicore floor grille
    FLX Flexicore floor grille
    Brooke Air
    FLX Flexicore grilles are designed for use with under floor perimeter heating or ventilation systems and are ideal for applications requiring a lay-in core. They use a flexible nylon tube that retains the blades and is...
  • Brooke Air: PER perforated steel grilles
    PER perforated steel grilles
    Brooke Air
    PER grilles are perforated steel grilles for exhaust air applications. Perforated types are manufactured as standard with a 4.5mm diameter hole format having a 45% free area, but a wide variety of decorative hole formats are...
  • Brooke Air: CRFG floor tile grilles
    CRFG floor tile grilles
    Brooke Air
    CFRG grilles are used for supply and exhaust air applications in computer room floors. CRFG grilles are designed to withstand medium-duty loading and foot traffic. It is ideal for use in most computer room environments,...
  • Brooke Air: Multicore IC multidirectional diffuser
    Multicore IC multidirectional diffuser
    Brooke Air
    Multicore IC diffuser is a versatile form of air terminal offering multidirectional throw patterns in a wide range of frame sizes. Each core style has two position settings within the frame, allowing conventional horizontal...
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Diffusers and grilles- helping you find the best companies for your project.