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  • Newton Titan-Pro basement sump pump system
    Newton Waterproofing
    The Titan-Pro sump pump system has been developed specifically for the Newton System 500 cavity drain system. It is suitable for use in domestic and commercial basements, and can be placed internally or externally depending...
  • Newton Titan-2 octagonal sump pumping system
    Newton Waterproofing
    The Titan-2 is a basic pumping system desigend for the removal of water from cellars and basements, or the collection and pumping of surface water. It is a fully built system that incorporates a unique octagonal sump...
  • Newton Basedrain – waterproofing drainage channel system
    Newton Waterproofing
    Newton Basedrain is a drainage channel system for use within a Newton System 500 waterproofing system. It is specifically designed for basement waterproofing. Newton System 500 comprises a suite of products that collectively...
  • Newton NP400 clean water pump (P2 & P3)
    Newton Waterproofing
    The Newton NP400 is a high head and high to medium performance pump. The NP400 is available as an automatic pump (as shown), or as a manual pump for use with our pump control systems. It is suitable for use with Newton Power...
  • Newton Trojan TR13-TR49 pumping systems
    Newton Waterproofing
    Newton Trojan Packaged Sump System are specialist packed sewage systems based upon a 610mm diameter sump with depth options of 1000mm,1500mm and 2000mm. The Trojan systems are supplied with either one or two Newton NP750...