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We deliver a diverse range of 'custom-built' air handling units (AHUs) differentiated by innovation, quality and service. We pride ourselves on being a UK AHU manufacturer and unlike most suppliers of HVAC systems and ventilation solutions; we manufacture the majority of systems in-house, including all framework, louvres, thermal wheels and structural assemblies.

We understand the importance of business critical cooling and through our versatile range of AHU units and using the latest technology, we offer bespoke and flexible air handling units which provide increased efficiency, system reliability and reduced operating costs.

Sector Commercial
Functions Dehumidifying
Heating and cooling
Installation Duct mounted
Roof mounted
Features Acoustic insulating
Automatic defrosting
Double skinned
Heat recovery
Variable speed
Heating / cooling mechanism Cooling coils
Electric heaters
Gas-fired heaters
Heat exchangers
Hot-water coils

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