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Manufactures energy efficient air curtains that help sustain comfortable and economic heating, or cooling, in areas, such as warehouses, factories and retail premises, where doors are in frequent use. Commercial models can be recessed mouted in bulkheads or above false ceilings. They can also be surface mounted in a fully cased unit. Industrial models are suitable for doors up to 6m high.

The Airbloc range of air curtains comprises ambient unheated models and heated models that use gas, electricity, hot water or steam. In well-insulated buildings, Airbloc air curtains can complement an overall low-energy design by eliminating a major source of heat loss.

• AC?Series commercial/retail air curtains
AC Series air curtains are used for commercial and retail applications, and can reduce heat-loss around doors by up to 80%. They can be wall mounted or installed on drop rods up to heights of 3 or 4m depending on capacity. Ambient, electric and low-pressure hot-water models are available. An optional illuminated back box can be specified, for emergency exit signs or logos.

• ACT Series ceiling tile heater
ACT Series electric heaters direct a downflow of warm air from overhead, delivering immediate heat where required and rapidly creating a comfortable environment for staff and customers. They are used in retail premises, stockrooms, restaurants and showrooms, and can be surface mounted or recessed to replace a standard ceiling tile, up to a maximum height of 3–3.5m.

• AB Series industrial air curtains
AB Series air curtains are designed for large industrial doors. They provide a high-velocity air barrier that blocks incoming wind and stops warm air from escaping. They can be fitted in existing or new buildings, mounted horizontally or vertically over doors up to 6m high. A choice of ambient, gas, low-pressure hot water, electric or steam-heated models is available.

• SmartElec control unit
SmartElec is an energy-saving control unit that reduces power consumption and energy costs by up to 50%. Suitable for new and existing installations, SmartElec includes efficient features for installers and users. The system maintains constant outlet temperature at the required room setting with tolerance for countering air-curtain velocity. Installation is simple: wiring connections are made direct to the controller, with no intermediary terminal blocks required.

Type Ambient air column
Cooled air column
Heated air column
Suitability Commercial / public
Warehouses / depots
Installation Ceiling mounted
Floor mounted
Wall mounted
Mounting Horizontal

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