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  • Delta Membrane Systems: PowerMAXX™ - battery backup
    PowerMAXX™ - battery backup
    Delta Membrane Systems
    PowerMAXX™ is specifically designed for pump applications. It can run two V3 ground water pumps without mains power for up to 4 days depending on number of cycles/hr, sits in standby mode for over three weeks, and is...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: Foul 612SA submersible sewage and water drainage pumps
    Foul 612SA submersible sewage and water drainage pumps
    Delta Membrane Systems
    DELTA 612SA submersible sewage and water drainage pumps are part of the V series. They are designed for a wide range of applications including buildings and construction sites. DELTA 612SA submersible pumps have large solids...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: MAXXConnect™ Basement pump protection
    MAXXConnect™ Basement pump protection
    Delta Membrane Systems
    The MAXXConnect™ family is a range of products specifically designed for the pump industry. The pump stations will warn when a problem arises in a basement environment
  • Delta Membrane Systems: AlertMAXX™ independent high-level pump alarm
    AlertMAXX™ independent high-level pump alarm
    Delta Membrane Systems
    AlertMAXX™ is an innovative, independent high-level pump alarm. It is normally powered by 240V and has battery backup in the event of power failure. Installation is by way of two fixings and connection of mains power and...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: MessageMAXX™ telemetry
    MessageMAXX™ telemetry
    Delta Membrane Systems
    MessageMAXX™ combined with AlertMAXX™ enables remote monitoring when clients are away from their property. Messages are sent to predetermined phone numbers using GSM technology and are received in text format. Installation...