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With the TROX X-CUBE, an air handling unit with unlimited configuration options, TROX sets a new standard in the AHU market and defines considerably higher levels of quality, performance, flexibility, reliability, energy efficiency, and hygiene.  TROX now offers everything from a single source: air handling units and components – complementary to each other.

For even more energy efficiency and better quality with less co-ordination effort.

- For the ventilation of rooms and entire buildings, for filtering, heating, and cooling the air, for heat recovery as well as for humidification and dehumidification, and for volume flow rates of up to 86,000 m³/h.
- Flexible frame construction, completely covered externally by thermally insulated panels or doors
- Easy installation, maintenance and cleaning
- Significantly reduced wiring workload due to flexible control and regulation based on fieldbus technology.
- Special hygiene construction variant according to AHU Guideline 01 (RLT-Richtlinie 01) for use in hospitals and laboratories; weatherproof construction variant for outdoor installation

Centralised BMS

The intelligent X-CUBE Control module, which has been developed specifically for air handling units, offers the following features:

- Connection to all standard centralised building management systems via Modbus TCP or BACnet IP.
- Bus communication allows for permanent and detailed data exchange between the participating components.
- Patch panels and coded plug-in cables allow for quick and error-free wiring.
- Components which are installed in the air distribution system (e.g. fire dampers, volume flow controllers or duct sensors) can be connected.

The optional integral cable duct and the straightforward cabling of the components are a hygienic solution which helps the X-CUBE meet the hygiene requirements of the VDI 6022 guideline.

Sector Commercial
Functions Heating and cooling
Installation Ceiling mounted
Roof mounted
Features Acoustic insulating
Double skinned
Heat recovery
Heating / cooling mechanism Heat exchangers

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