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  • TROX UK: Passive Chilled Beams
    Passive Chilled Beams
    TROX TCB-RB is a passive chilled beam with 2-pipe heat exchanger for ceiling installation: beams can be supplied in various lengths from 1200-4500mm in 100mm increments; for room heights from 2.60m; suitable for mounting...
  • TROX UK: Demand-based room control with X-AIRCONTROL
    Demand-based room control with X-AIRCONTROL
    Increasingly demanding requirements on energy efficiency as well as the latest EU regulations have created a need for intelligent control engineering solutions in room air conditioning. TROX has combined its know-how from...
  • TROX UK: Floor Diffusers
    Floor Diffusers
    Type AFG heavy-duty floor grilles are made of aluminium and have fixed horizontal blades. Single ventilation grilles suitable for raised access floor systems: nominal size 600 x 600mm; volume flow rate range 0-530 l/s or...
  • TROX UK: Type TVZ air terminal unit
    Type TVZ air terminal unit
    Type TVZ VAV terminal unit for the supply air control in buildings with variable air volume systems and demanding acoustic requirements. Highly effective integral attenuator; box-style construction for the reduction of the...
  • TROX UK: Fan Coil Unit (FCU) Type PWX
    Fan Coil Unit (FCU) Type PWX
    Type PWX Series horizontal chassis-type waterside fancoil units are for use in concealed or exposed installations. Specifications: nominal sizes 60, 90, 120, 150, 180 and 205; volume flow rate range 50-636 l/s or...
  • TROX UK: Multi Service Chilled Beams (MSCB)
    Multi Service Chilled Beams (MSCB)
    TROX UK designs and manufactures bespoke Multi-Service Chilled Beams (MSCB) to meet technical specifications and design requirements. Advantages include improved efficiency of space utilisation. Suspended ceilings are...
  • TROX UK: Ventilation grilles - floor installation
    Ventilation grilles - floor installation
    TROX offers single ventilation grilles and horizontal run sections with special profiled blades. Nominal sizes: 300x75-1800x300mm and horizontal run sections. Volume flow rate range: 17-1350 l/s or 6-4860 m³/h. Grille face...
  • TROX UK: Slot diffusers (Types VSD and ALS)
    Slot diffusers (Types VSD and ALS)
    Slot diffusers are a very popular product within the TROX family of grilles and diffusers. They are generally suitable for continuous assembly and can be inconspicuously installed parallel to linear light arrays: diffuser...
  • TROX UK: Ceiling Swirl Diffusers
    Ceiling Swirl Diffusers
    TROX is able to manufacture a range of ceiling swirl diffusers to meet most applications including: fixed or adjustable blades; manual or motorised adjustment; circular or square diffusers; supply and extract air; variable...
  • TROX UK: Active Chilled Beams
    Active Chilled Beams
    Active chilled beams for heating and cooling, with 2-pipe or 4-pipe heat exchanger, suitable for integration with various ceiling systems: type DID614; type DID312; type DID632; type DID604; type DID-R. Depending on Type,...
  • TROX UK: X-CUBE air handling unit
    X-CUBE air handling unit
    X-CUBE is an air handling unit that can be configured to a very wide range of options, and that can be used for all types of air handling, including the ventilation of rooms and entire buildings, for filtering, heating, and...
  • TROX UK: Type DJ high-capacity drum jet diffuser
    Type DJ high-capacity drum jet diffuser
    Type DJ high-capacity drum jet diffuser for long throw, supply air applications. Suitable for exposed duct mounting or sidewall installations; volume flow rate range 138-2000 l/s or 500-7200m3/h; grille face made of...
  • TROX UK: Ventilation grilles - wall, sill and duct installation
    Ventilation grilles - wall, sill and duct installation
    TROX is renowned for its grille and diffuser manufacture. With an extensive product range, the ventilation grilles available cover many applications and requirements