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  • Herz Valves UK: Calis-TS three-way valve
    Calis-TS three-way valve
    Herz Valves UK
    Calis-TS is a three-way valve for single pipe systems. It is suitable for water heating applications, as well as cooling systems. Calis-TS is nickel plated with a flat seal and screw cap.
  • Herz Valves UK: Thermal balancing control valve
    Thermal balancing control valve
    Herz Valves UK
    The Herz thermal balancing control valve control valve is a thermostatic valve for hot water systems with a circulation pump. The control valve does not require an external power source and is PN10 pressure rated. The...
  • Herz Valves UK: RL1 return valves
    RL1 return valves
    Herz Valves UK
    RL1 return valves are suitable for hot water heating systems. They are available in straight and angled versions. Valves are nickel plated and equipped with special sockets, with the option of either a threaded pipe or...
  • Herz Valves UK: Bronze lockshield gate valves
    Bronze lockshield gate valves
    Herz Valves UK
    Herz bronze lockshield gate valves are WRAS approved and pressure rated to PN20. Features include: Available in various dimensions. Made to BS 5154. Pressure/temperature rating of 9 bar at 180°C; and 26 bar at -10 to 100°C.
  • Herz Valves UK: Changefix changing tool
    Changefix changing tool
    Herz Valves UK
    Changefix is a watertight changing tool that can be mounted onto a thermostatic valve. Changefixs liquid-lock function allows the upper part of a valve to be changed, or the seat seal at the spindle to be cleaned, while the...
  • Herz Valves UK: Semi-lugged butterfly commissioning set
    Semi-lugged butterfly commissioning set
    Herz Valves UK
    Semi-lugged butterfly commissioning sets are high-quality loose liner valves designed in accordance with EN 593. They feature extended necks for insulation. Suitable for water and air systems in heating, cooling, air...
  • Herz Valves UK: Manifold with top meter
    Manifold with top meter
    Herz Valves UK
    The PN10 manifold with top meter is a rod-type that is used for the distribution of the individual heating circuits in floor heating systems. Each heating circuit can be controlled and shut-off separately. Components:...
  • Herz Valves UK: DZR differential pressure control valves
    DZR differential pressure control valves
    Herz Valves UK
    DZR differential pressure control valves are suitable for heating and cooling systems, to ensure constant differential pressure within the control range. Straight and angled versions are available. The valve works without...
  • Herz Valves UK: Cast iron variable orifice double regulating valve
    Cast iron variable orifice double regulating valve
    Herz Valves UK
    The double or circuit regulating valve measures differential pressure and is available with test points and is flanged according to EN 1092-2. It is suitable for hydraulic balancing in heating or cooling systems. Features...
  • Herz Valves UK: DZR ball valves with extended stem
    DZR ball valves with extended stem
    Herz Valves UK
    DZR compression ball valves are made from corrosion-resistant forged brass to EN 12420. The ball of the valve has a chrome-plated finish. The spindle is in brass and the handle is made from galvanised steel. DZR compression...
  • Herz Valves UK: Fixed orifice commissioning valve
    Fixed orifice commissioning valve
    Herz Valves UK
    The Herz fixed orifice commissioning valve is available in sizes from 0.5 to 12 (DN15 to DN 50). A low- and medium-flow version is available. The valve forms part of the companys range of circuit balancing valves. The valve...
  • Herz Valves UK: TS-98-V thermostatic valves
    TS-98-V thermostatic valves
    Herz Valves UK
    The TS-98-V thermostatic valve has continuous pre-setting and readout, and is suitable for water heating systems in which hydraulic balancing via return valves is not possible or desired. The universal models are equipped...
  • Herz Valves UK: Cast iron gate valves
    Cast iron gate valves
    Herz Valves UK
    The Herz cast iron gate valve is made to BS 5150 and BS EN 1171. It is available in a range of sizes: 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250 and 300mm. Respective weights include: 19, 22, 30, 39, 56, 63, 116, 150 and 215kg. It...
  • Herz Valves UK: DZR ball valves
    DZR ball valves
    Herz Valves UK
    Available in sizes from DN15 to DN50, (larger sizes available on request), Herz supplies quality ball valves for isolating functions. The valves are suitable for use with all non-aggressive media such as water, oil, air,...
  • Herz Valves UK: Three-way mixing and diverting valves
    Three-way mixing and diverting valves
    Herz Valves UK
    Herz three-way mixing and diverting valves are suitable for the constant control of cool and hot water. Valves are mounted in pipe system according to application (mixing or diverting valve) by means of commercial standard...