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  • Herz Valves UK: Connect-4 valve assembly
    Connect-4 valve assembly
    Herz Valves UK
    The Connect-4 valve assembly offers a simple and reliable connection for fan coil and terminal units. It uses the Herz 4017 integral orifice commissioning valve with Herz 2190 extended lever ball valves and a Herz 4111...
  • Herz Valves UK: TS-90 thermostatic valves
    TS-90 thermostatic valves
    Herz Valves UK
    TS-90 thermostatic valves are suitable for water heating systems, and are available in straight and angled versions. All models are nickel plated and supplied with a screw cap. The universal models are equipped with special...
  • Herz Valves UK: PN20-rated bronze gate valves
    PN20-rated bronze gate valves
    Herz Valves UK
    Herz bronze gate valves are WRAS approved and pressure rated to PN20. Features include: Available in various dimensions. Made to BS 5154. Pressure/temperature rating of 9 bar at 180°C; and 26 bar at -10 to 100°C. BS21 taper...
  • Herz Valves UK: Double regulating valves
    Double regulating valves
    Herz Valves UK
    Double regulating valves are suitable for hydraulic balancing in heating and cooling systems, and the adjustment of distribution mains, circuits, heat exchangers, and heating and cooling registers. The sockets for the...
  • Herz Valves UK: DZR compression ball valves
    DZR compression ball valves
    Herz Valves UK
    DZR compression ball valves are made from corrosion-resistant forged brass to EN 12420. The ball of the valve has a chrome-plated finish. The spindle is in brass and the handle is made from galvanised steel. Compression...
  • Herz Valves UK: Thermostat with hydrosensor
    Thermostat with hydrosensor
    Herz Valves UK
    The Herz radiator thermostat with hydrosensor (liquid filled) features shut-off (0) position, an adjustable frost release, and control and locking of the selected temperature range. The thermostat functions as a room...
  • Herz Valves UK: PN16 commissioning sets
    PN16 commissioning sets
    Herz Valves UK
    Herz commissioning sets are available in sizes from 0.5 to 12 and include low- and medium-flow versions. The sets form part of the companys circuit balancing valves. The valves are made in cast iron and feature a hidden...
  • Herz Valves UK: Herzcules vandal-resistant thermostat
    Herzcules vandal-resistant thermostat
    Herz Valves UK
    Herzcules is a robust, vandal-resistant radiator thermostat that is suitable for installation on Herz valves. The mounting, dismounting and set-point control is only possible with special tools. It has a locked and concealed...
  • Herz Valves UK: DZR hose union ball valves
    DZR hose union ball valves
    Herz Valves UK
    DZR hose union ball valves are used as drain and fill valves, and are suitable for use in central heating and energy, construction engineering and mechanical engineering applications. The valves can be used with all...
  • Herz Valves UK: DR wheelhead radiator valve
    DR wheelhead radiator valve
    Herz Valves UK
    The DR wheelhead radiator control valve has a pre-setting function using a double cone, which is also suitable for thermostatic operation. A straight and angled model is available, and all are nickel plated, with a white...
  • Herz Valves UK: Multi-layered pipes
    Multi-layered pipes
    Herz Valves UK
    Herz plastic and aluminium composite pipes are used for underfloor heating, radiator heating and domestic water distribution. The multi-layered structure consists of a basic pipe made from polyethylene, which is covered by a...
  • Herz Valves UK: Double check valves
    Double check valves
    Herz Valves UK
    Herz double check valves are used for heating applications and are WRAS approved. They have a brass body, elastomer seals, acetyl copolymer check cartridges and a stainless steel spring. Dimensions: Widths: 25, 30, 38, 46,...
  • Herz Valves UK: Semi-lugged butterfly commissioning set
    Semi-lugged butterfly commissioning set
    Herz Valves UK
    Semi-lugged butterfly commissioning sets are high-quality loose liner valves designed in accordance with EN 593. They feature extended necks for insulation. Suitable for water and air systems in heating, cooling, air...
  • Herz Valves UK: DE LUXE radiator thermostat
    DE LUXE radiator thermostat
    Herz Valves UK
    The DE LUXE thermostat functions as a temperature sensor and control for radiators. The change in volume of the liquid contained in the hydrosensor actuates the valve spindle. The desired temperature is selected by turning...
  • Herz Valves UK: VODRV commissioning valves
    VODRV commissioning valves
    Herz Valves UK
    The VODRV (Variable Orifice Double Regulating Valve) commissioning valve is a circuit control valve for applications such as hydraulic balancing in heating and cooling systems, and adjustment of distribution mains, circuits,...