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Prefabricated boiler rooms and plant rooms are built off site, fully fitted out, tested, and delivered for immediate use. This enables the direct supply of building services whilst ensuring minimal downtime for the client, as well as a reduced site programme and the best use of any limited space.

Typical installations include: boiler plant for heating systems; steam plant for heating or process systems; domestic hot and cold water plant; chilled water plant; air handling plant; and air conditioning and refrigeration plant. Packaged plant rooms have applications in a range of building works: decentralisation projects; office blocks; factories; retail developments; hospitals; schools; swimming pools; computer halls; and general commercial and industrial premises.

• Prefabrication services and facilities
CAS’s approach to prefabrication and off-site construction means that all plant rooms and skid-mounted assemblies can be individually designed to meet clients’ requirements. CAS is not tied to any one equipment manufacturer and as such is able to offer an unrestricted range of equipment. Factory prefabrication allows for the highest standards in engineering and quality control. It also enables faster on-site installation times, so that services can be operational within the shortest space of time, and site health and safety management requirements can be simplified and reduced. Plant rooms are pre-tested and certified prior to delivery, and factory inspection by the client can be arranged during construction.

• Composition and manufacture
Each plant room housing has either a single-skin or a twin-skin insulated construction. Each is designed and built to suit a particular project’s specific requirements. Plant rooms normally include a mild steel welded structural baseframe and chequer plate steel flooring. They have plastisol-coated galvanised sheet steel external walls, roof and doors; powder-coated aluminium weather louvres; and, in the case of double-skinned units, insulated and perforated galvanised sheet steel internal surfaces. Rainwater disposal is incorporated where applicable, as are raised plinth plant bases, which have upstands where services exit or enter through the floor. Plant rooms can be produced with a one-piece or multiple-section construction depending on a site’s access and transportation requirements. Centralised control systems can be incorporated.

• Finish and appearance
Packaged plant rooms have plastisol-coated galvanised sheet steel external surfaces available in a range of standard colours. Special finishes and colours can be produced where there is a need to blend or contrast with the surroundings.

• Technical support
CAS employs the latest computer-aided design technology in the preparation of detailed designs, layouts and schematic drawings. The designs are prepared in house by the company’s own experienced engineers, and take full account of operational, site access and manufacturers’ maintenance requirements. Additional services include surveying, estimation, preparation of works test certificates, commissioning, offloading and site positioning, site connection, supply of operation and maintenance manuals, and fulfilment of principal or subcontractor CDM roles.

Elements Air conditioning
Combined heat and power systems
Heat exchangers
Refrigeration systems
Telemetry systems
Uninteruptable power supplies
Ventilation systems
Water heaters
Mounting Containerised
Frame mounted
Pod mounted
Skid mounted
Suitability Commercial
Public amenity

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