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  • Spaans Babcock: Hydropower screw generators
    Hydropower screw generators
    Spaans Babcock
    The Spaans screw generator combines high efficiency with extreme reliability, fish friendliness and smooth running making the screw generator a durable solution for the future. Spaans Babcock have a long proven track record...
  • Sewaco: Steffturbine linear hydro power generator
    Steffturbine linear hydro power generator
    Steffturbine is a micro hydroelectric turbine that delivers clean, ecologically sound operation, while hardly disturbing the natural environment. It utilises an effluent outfall with a minimum flow rate of 250l/s, with a...
  • Small-scale Archimedean screw hydro turbine
    Eco Evolution
    The Archimedean screw hydro turbines are suited to low-head sites and are fish friendly. They are manufactured by Rehart who are leaders in the field of mechanical engineering in Germany with a 25-year history of excellence.
  • Archimedean screw hydropower generators
    Mann Power Consulting
    Mann Power Consulting introduced the Archimedean screw turbine to the UK. The Archimedean screw is a fish-friendly alternative to conventional turbines, ideally suited to low-head (1-10m) sites, and sites with fish...
  • Francis hydro-electric turbines
    Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon
    Francis turbines are available as either horizontal or vertical units. The water enters the spiral, or scroll case, and is directed by a series of moveable guide vanes, or wicket gates, to the turbine runner. As the water...
  • Pelton hydro-electric turbines
    Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon
    Pelton turbines are medium to high head free jet impulse turbines. The jet strikes the splitter edge of the double bucket and is turned through an angle of nearly 180 degrees before falling under gravity into the discharge...
  • Turgo hydro-electric turbines
    Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon
    Turgo turbines were developed to provide a simple impulse type machine with a higher specific speed than a single jet Pelton turbine. The design allows a large jet of water to be directed at an angle onto the runner face.