Building management systems for controlling access, fire risk, air quality and energy use on BUILDING SERVICES. Helping you find the best product for your project.
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  • Airedale International Air Conditioning: ACIS™ Lite facility monitoring
    ACIS™ Lite facility monitoring
    Airedale International Air Conditioning
    ACIS™ Lite is a comprehensive monitoring solution for small- to medium-sized facilities, scalable as businesses grow. Providing real-time insights, ACIS™ Lite safeguards continuous performance, identifying problems before...
  • GEZE UK: GEZE Cockpit smart hub
    GEZE Cockpit smart hub
    GEZE Cockpit is a smart hub which intelligently integrates door, window and safety technology into building management systems. Offering more efficiency, security and convenience, combined with intelligent smoke and heat...
  • Aermec UK: AERWEB300 network control unit
    AERWEB300 network control unit
    Aermec UK
    AERWEB300 is a building control and monitoring system based on "Web Server" technology. The server is able to convey air conditioning, heating and ventilation information to one or more external clients in the same way a...
  • Monodraught: iNVent ventilation management system
    iNVent ventilation management system
    The iNVent system is a natural ventilation management system for up to four zones of Sola-boost or Windcatcher systems, using a seasonally adjusted proportional control based on temperature and CO2. Designed specifically for...
  • Hamilton Litestat: Smart multi-room audio system control
    Smart multi-room audio system control
    Hamilton Litestat
    The Smart multi-room audio system enables up to four separate music sources to be connected and controlled in four separate rooms or zones around the property, or even in the garden: 4-source, 4-zone multi-room music system,...
  • Aermec UK: VMF hydronic management and control system
    VMF hydronic management and control system
    Aermec UK
    VMF provides management and control of hydronic systems, which are used for the conditioning, heating and production of domestic hot water. VMF (Variable Multi Flow) systems allow the complete control of every component of a...
  • Inner Range: Integrated security & building management system
    Integrated security & building management system
    Inner Range
    Insight software is the central and integral software component of Inner Range’s Concept integrated hardware platform. As a system, Insight software and Concept hardware deliver a first class integrated access control,...
  • SAV Systems: Watchman automatic monitoring and targeting
    Watchman automatic monitoring and targeting
    SAV Systems
    Designed to meet all automatic monitoring and targeting (aM&T) requirements, SAV Watchman provides a 24/7 sentinel, reducing consumption by continuously monitoring performance against target. Weather compensation, flow and...
  • Multipath IP building management system
    Inner Range
    Fratech Multipath-IP alarm monitoring utilises leading edge IP (Internet Protocol) based technologies, combined with traditional alarm reporting systems to give an integrated solution. It is ideal for domestic and commercial...
  • Multisys™ PC based security management system
    Advanced Perimeter Systems
    Multisys™ modular PC based security management systems use a common communication protocol to integrate and control APS Electro-Fence controllers, Flexiguard analysers and other alarm devices. This integration allows the...