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  • Rainwater harvesting – simply common sense
    Gary Wheatley, Training & Technical Manager at Wilo UK, explains what rainwater harvesting is and why implementing it for water reuse makes sense from a financial and ecological point of view. He also gives design guidelines...
  • Construction Market Overview, July 2017
    Component Developments
    LEISURE AND SPORT Contract award levels were 13.4% lower than May, and 0.5% lower than June 2016. In the three months to June the value of contracts was £1.3billion, which was 42.6% lower than the previous three months. This...
  • Why use Linear Drainage?
    Component Developments
    Functional Advantages: channels are a hygienic and efficient way of conveying waste water from equipment discharge and floor washing; water is efficiently disposed of at the source, rather than flowing across the floor to a...
  • Component Developments August Market Overview
    Component Developments
    Component Developments have compiled a construction market overview of August, analysing the performance of each sub-sector in comparison to previous months, and years.
  • Why use stainless steel?
    Component Developments
    Component Developments explains the reason it believes stainless is a superior material. The importance of hygiene in schools, kitchens and hospitals is major. But with ever-growing awareness of health and safety issues, the...
  • Component Developments Channel Installation Guide
    Component Developments
    Here is a technical document about how to install Component Development channels
  • Hygienic stainless steel environments within dairies
    Canal Engineering
    Very high hygiene standards are vital in the dairy industry. To achieve this, the choice of materials used in the construction of a dairy are required to cope with the daily processing and production demands. Drainage and...