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  • Whitesales® Rooflights and Accessories: Em-Vent GL™ modular smoke vent
    Em-Vent GL™ modular smoke vent
    Whitesales® Rooflights and Accessories
    The Em-Vent GL™ modular smoke vent is a high-quality, high-performance flat roof smoke vent that incorporates a flush glazed glass rooflight. It is fully certified to BS EN12101-2 and designed for high-end commercial and...
  • Brooke Air: Heavy duty adjustable blade supply air grilles
    Heavy duty adjustable blade supply air grilles
    Brooke Air
    The HD range are heavy duty adjustable supply air grilles. They are available in several versions with single or double deflection blades, and with horizontal or vertical front blades. The HD grille is a heavy duty version...
  • Brooke Air: FL Flowline linear diffuser
    FL Flowline linear diffuser
    Brooke Air
    Flowline is a linear continuous slot diffuser that has been developed for aerodynamically efficient air distribution systems. The design of the deflection tube produces both low noise and low pressure losses, making it...
  • Brooke Air: FR/F floor grilles
    FR/F floor grilles
    Brooke Air
    The FR and F type floor grilles are used for supply and exhaust air applications. They are used in floors subject to normal foot traffic loadings. The cores incorporate steel rods within the cross tubes and the frames are...