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  • CAREL UK: OEM humidifier kits
    OEM humidifier kits
    CAREL offers OEM humidification control systems for manufacturers of air handling units. The new OEM humidifier kits have been developed to be a universal, flexible and simple solution to fit any requirement a manufacturer...
  • SAV Systems: FloCon™ Commissioning cooling module
    FloCon™ Commissioning cooling module
    SAV Systems
    FloCon Commissioning modules are purpose designed to act as the distribution hub for groups of terminal units and can be configured for fan coils and chilled beams. Each compact unit has all components for balancing,...
  • SAV Systems: FloCon™ Controls fan coil module
    FloCon™ Controls fan coil module
    SAV Systems
    The FloCon™ Controls module centralises the control valves for up to four fan coil units at the module on site wiring is simplified. Only a single cable route from the module to the control module is required. It allows...