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  • Stokvis Energy Systems: Heatpak packaged boiler houses
    Heatpak packaged boiler houses
    Stokvis Energy Systems
    Heatpak packaged boiler houses have a standard specification and can cater for various heating loads. They are suitable for installation on rooftops or alongside buildings, enabling valuable interior space to be utilised for...
  • Constant Air Systems: Off-site prefabricated packaged plantrooms
    Off-site prefabricated packaged plantrooms
    Constant Air Systems
    Constant Air Systems manufactures all of its plant rooms off-site to client specifications. Their expertise and experience includes the manufacture of: boiler plantrooms; steam plantrooms; domestic hot and cold water...
  • Turnbull & Scott (Engineers): Containerised boiler houses
    Containerised boiler houses
    Turnbull & Scott (Engineers)
    Turnbull & Scotts offers fully package boiler houses designed, delivered and installed on short lead time. Ideal for applications where minimum disruption or continuous production is required, products are manufactured to...
  • Fulton: Skid-mounted packaged steam boiler plant
    Skid-mounted packaged steam boiler plant
    Skid-mounted packaged steam boiler systems are factory built on a bespoke basis. Fulton undertakes all design, manufacture, assembly and testing of the boiler and all ancillary plant. Systems are commissioned on site as part...
  • Byworth Boilers: Boiler housing construction
    Boiler housing construction
    Byworth Boilers
    Byworth offers boiler housing solutions that save installation time on site and allow boiler plant be relocated in the future. Options range from cost-effective purpose-built container-style boiler housings to full-portal...
  • Fibaform Products: GRP bespoke plant room
    GRP bespoke plant room
    Fibaform Products
    Fibaform can manufacture bespoke fibreglass (GRP) plant rooms. Any colour from the BS4800 range can be specified. Finishes include gloss, satin, textured, brick or stone effect. Options: door positions and sizes; double...
  • Wychwood Water Systems: Containerised water treatment plant
    Containerised water treatment plant
    Wychwood Water Systems
    All types of water treatment and purificaction plant can be containerised to provide turnkey systems with their own accomodation which can be up and running in the shortest period of time. 10, 20 or 40 foot ISO containers...
  • Fulton: Packaged plant rooms
    Packaged plant rooms
    Bespoke prefabricated packaged steam boiler plant rooms include layouts for single, twin or triple assemblies. These plant rooms are constructed from double-skinned, insulated, prefabricated steel panels, which are attached...
  • CVE packaged plant unit
    The Certuss CVE is supplied as a complete ready-to-operate boiler housing installation. With a compact design, the CVE requires less space and is easy to maintain and access. All water, steam, electrical and power...