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  • MHG Heating: Flexible flue systems for condensing boilers
    Flexible flue systems for condensing boilers
    MHG Heating
    Flexible flue systems for use with gas and oil condensing boilers: 80-160mm in diameter; lengths from 10-50m; transition sections from rigid to flex complete with integral riser support; centralising brackets ensure correct...
  • Atlantic Boilers: Technaflon PVDF flexible oil and gas condensing flues
    Technaflon PVDF flexible oil and gas condensing flues
    Atlantic Boilers
    Technaflon condensing flues can be fitted to all oil and gas condensing boilers. They are graded either to the boiler or to a separate outlet to allow the accumulating condensate to run to drain. Technaflon flues are...
  • Ibstock Brick: Faststack™ prefabricated chimneys
    Faststack™ prefabricated chimneys
    Ibstock Brick
    Faststack™ prefabricated chimneys are a new concept in chimney design. They are suitable for both fully working and decorative functions. They are simple and cost effective to install, with a compact design that enables the...
  • Midtherm Engineering: Midtec Mast system
    Midtec Mast system
    Midtherm Engineering
    For flue systems on a larger scale, our MIDTEC mast-supported Chimney system provides the ideal solution. Over the years we have developed highly specific design solutions ranging from single column masts, building supported...
  • Bluebird Fixings: Terminal flue guards
    Terminal flue guards
    Bluebird Fixings
    Terminal flue guards are available in 13 sizes, and are suppied with a with fixing pack. The fixing pack contains four plugs, washers and screws. Fixing points are to the sides or top and bottom. All terminal flue guards are...
  • Bluebird Fixings: Wire balloons
    Wire balloons
    Bluebird Fixings
    Wire balloons provide a neat, unobtrusive way of preventing birds from nesting in chimneys, removing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning to occupants of the house, as well as expensive repairs. Wire balloons are made from...
  • Midtherm Engineering: Flue, Masts and Chimney systems
    Flue, Masts and Chimney systems
    Midtherm Engineering
    Midtherm Engineering offers an extensive range of flue, mast and chimney systems. We are able to provide solutions ranging from advanced flue dilution systems to large scale industrial chimney erections. Our product...