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  • Schneider Electric: Canalis lighting busbar
    Canalis lighting busbar
    Schneider Electric
    Canalis is a ready-to-install light system that is quick and easy to assemble. It is cost-effective and suitable for new build or refurbishment applications. Canalis KBL lights combined with Canalis KBA busbar trunking...
  • Schneider Electric: Acti 9 Isobar P distribution board
    Acti 9 Isobar P distribution board
    Schneider Electric
    Acti 9 Isobar P distribution board - 50% installation time saving - Designed and manufactured in the UK - Innovation delivering unrivalled productivity - Enhanced safety and reliability - Smart and Connected - Full 5 year...
  • Rittal: KL terminal boxes
    KL terminal boxes
    KL terminal boxes have extremely shallow spot-welded profile strips on both sides, with partly tapped mounting holes. This ensures maximum installation heights are achieved and allows the installation of C-rails, top-hat...
  • Rittal: GA cast aluminium enclosures
    GA cast aluminium enclosures
    GA cast aluminium enclosures are exceptionally resilient and are used for the secure housing of electrical, electronic or pneumatic components. They can be made to specification to accommodate cut-outs or holes for support...
  • Rittal: TS 8 stainless steel baying system
    TS 8 stainless steel baying system
    The TS 8 floor-standing enclosure is a baying system with a variety of mounting possibilities. Each TS 8 vertical section is able to accommodate the hinges for an enclosure panel, ensuring the unit is bayable on all sides.
  • Rittal: KS plastic enclosures
    KS plastic enclosures
    KS compact plastic enclosures are made from fibreglass reinforced unsaturated polyester and have a solid all-round construction. An integral rain protection strip provides a twin seal on the top and bottom edges of the door.
  • Rittal: E-box EB small switchgear enclosure
    E-box EB small switchgear enclosure
    E-box EB small enclosures are switchgear cabinets suitable for industrial and commercial environments. They are made from sheet steel, dip coat primed, powder coated in textured RAL 7035 powder coating. Features include a...
  • Rittal: AE stainless steel compact switchgear enclosure
    AE stainless steel compact switchgear enclosure
    AE compact enclosures are suitable for housing automation, communications and power supply equipment. Their stainless steel construction ensures high levels of corrosion protection. An integral protection channel prevents...
  • Rittal: PK polycarbonate enclosures
    PK polycarbonate enclosures
    PK polycarbonate terminal boxes are made from glass-reinforced polycarbonate, which is capable of withstanding extremely high loads. For ease of use, the enclosures are available with metric knockouts, which enables quick...
  • Rittal: CM compact switchgear enclosure
    CM compact switchgear enclosure
    CM compact enclosures are designed for housing control equipment in industrial and commercial environments. Features include door stays, mounting plates for easy installation, and a compressed foam seal. Vertical and...
  • Rittal: Ri4Power motor control centre
    Ri4Power motor control centre
    Ri4Power systems allow the fast and reliable assembly of low-voltage (Form 2-4) switchgear, and are suitable for machinery, plant, building and motor control. They are specified for process industry, water supply, building...
  • Rittal: RiLine busbar systems
    RiLine busbar systems
    The RiLine6 busbar systems are time saving, versatile and modular in their design, and suitable for use in a range of applications. The system’s control gear can be assembled and wired up on the RiLine’s support frame, and...
  • Rittal: SE 8 stand-alone steel enclosure
    SE 8 stand-alone steel enclosure
    The sheet steel, zinc-plated SE 8 enclosure is based on the TS 8 platform and replaces the enclosures of the ES 5000 series. All of the system accessories for TS 8 interior installation can be used, eg TS 8 and PS punched...