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  • NBB Outdoor Shelters: Winterbourne Enclosed Shelter
    Winterbourne Enclosed Shelter
    NBB Outdoor Shelters
    The Winterbourne enclosed shelter can be used to protect outdoor machinery from adverse weather conditions. It is made bespoke to requirements therefore a free site survey is recommended. Frame is manufactured from 50mm...
  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Enclosures and housing units
    Enclosures and housing units
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    Cleveland Sitesafe offers a range of highly secure, vandal resistant steel housing units. They are bespoke units built for the safe housing of pumps, generators, compressors, switchgear, pressure washers, tanks, treatment...
  • Glasdon UK Ltd: Element™ GRP modular housing
    Element™ GRP modular housing
    Glasdon UK Ltd
    Glasdon's Element™ GRP modular housing, designed as a future-proof solution for housing a wide variety of applications, incorporates modular panels to aid with flexibility and growth. Available in 10 standard sizes to suit...
  • Glasdon UK Ltd: Garrison™ housings
    Garrison™ housings
    Glasdon UK Ltd
    The versatile Garrison GRP Modular Housing allows for variation and relocation if needed. Tough and durable, it is ideal for electrical and switchgear enclosures, communications network housings, valve and transformer...
  • Rittal: CS wall-mounted outdoor enclosures
    CS wall-mounted outdoor enclosures
    Wall-mounted outdoor enclosures are twin-walled, and constructed in accordance with the enclosure-within-an-enclosure principle. The designer-style cover is visually pleasing, with a concealed fastener. The entire enclosure...
  • Rittal: TS 8 stainless steel baying system
    TS 8 stainless steel baying system
    The TS 8 floor-standing enclosure is a baying system with a variety of mounting possibilities. Each TS 8 vertical section is able to accommodate the hinges for an enclosure panel, ensuring the unit is bayable on all sides.
  • Schneider Electric: Powerpact 4 400/630A panel boards
    Powerpact 4 400/630A panel boards
    Schneider Electric
    The Schneider Electric range of Powerpact 4 panel boards are for low voltage distribution. They were formerly supplied under the Merlin Gerin brand, is designed, manufactured and tested to BS EN 60439-1. The structures can...
  • Murrelektronik: Emparro - Switch Mode Power Supply Unit
    Emparro - Switch Mode Power Supply Unit
    Emparro - a highly innovative power supply unit with maximum efficiency and minimum power loss. The combination of the Power Boost function with a power limiter output allows large loads to be started easily. The wide input...
  • Rittal: Ri4Power motor control centre
    Ri4Power motor control centre
    Ri4Power systems allow the fast and reliable assembly of low-voltage (Form 2-4) switchgear, and are suitable for machinery, plant, building and motor control. They are specified for process industry, water supply, building...
  • CMD Ltd: Cable Eater Cable Spine
    Cable Eater Cable Spine
    CMD Ltd
    Cable Eater is the quick and easy solution for the mass of cables at the workspace. Using the insertion tool, a number of cables can be speedily zipped into the strong flexible casing: flexible plastic casing; provided with...
  • Fibaform Products: GRP cabinets
    GRP cabinets
    Fibaform Products
    Fibaform's enclosures provide protection from the elements and / or the surrounding environment. Manufactured from virtually maintenance free glassfibre, the enclosures can be specified to varying degrees of thermal /...
  • CMD Ltd: Spiral Cable Spine Cable Management Under Desk
    Spiral Cable Spine Cable Management Under Desk
    CMD Ltd
    This unique desk to floor cable management spine offers exceptionally quick and easy installation, plus a large cable carrying capacity and a good aesthetic appearance: spring like expansion from 150mm to 1300mm working...
  • Precolor Sales: GRP housings and enclosures
    GRP housings and enclosures
    Precolor Sales
    GRP Housings, Kiosks and Enclosures are designed to protect and insulate tanks, pipework, pumps, meters and associated equipment. Our housings can be supplied in one piece or in sections for assembly on site, they can be...
  • Rittal: CS New Basic outdoor enclosures
    CS New Basic outdoor enclosures
    Rittal offers an extensive range of industrial enclosures and housings. New Basic outdoor enclosures are part of the single-walled aluminium enclosure series. Applications include: telecommunications; traffic guidance and...
  • Rittal: KL terminal boxes
    KL terminal boxes
    KL terminal boxes have extremely shallow spot-welded profile strips on both sides, with partly tapped mounting holes. This ensures maximum installation heights are achieved and allows the installation of C-rails, top-hat...
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