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  • AEL Heating Solutions Ltd: Plate heat exchangers
    Plate heat exchangers
    AEL Heating Solutions Ltd
    Plate heat exchangers are used to heat many types of fluids and operate in the same way whether assembled as a plate and gasket unit or supplied as a brazed plate unit. Both types of heat exchanger transfer energy from hot...
  • Reznor: Rheco Condensing Unit Heater
    Rheco Condensing Unit Heater
    The Rheco Condensing Unit Heater is a low NOx, ultra efficient gas fired heater. It is ideal for new carbon-low buildings, or organisations looking to provide even heat, whilst reducing emissions: thermal efficiency of 100%...
  • Airedale International Air Conditioning: AireWall™ computer room air handling and cooling system
    AireWall™ computer room air handling and cooling system
    Airedale International Air Conditioning
    AireWall™ is a precision Computer Room Air Handling (CRAH) unit developed specifically for low-energy, high-density data centre applications. It removes the need for both pressurised raised floor systems and overhead cooling...
  • Wilo: Wilo-Stratos MAXO pump for HVAC and water circulation
    Wilo-Stratos MAXO pump for HVAC and water circulation
    Wilo-Stratos MAXO is designed for commercial HVAC and drinking water applications, and offers optimised energy-saving features combined with excellent user-friendliness for ease of operation. Wilo-Stratos MAXO is designed as...
  • Constant Air Systems: Off-site prefabricated packaged plantrooms
    Off-site prefabricated packaged plantrooms
    Constant Air Systems
    All of our plant rooms are manufactuered off-site to client specifactions. Our expertise and experience includes the manufacture of: boiler plantrooms; steam plantrooms; domestic hot and cold water plantrooms; chilled water...
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd: PCE-432 Class 1 datalogging decibel meter with GPS
    PCE-432 Class 1 datalogging decibel meter with GPS
    PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    Portable high-accuracy sound level meter with 1/1 octave band filter (optional 1/3 octave band filter upgrade). Includes factory calibration certificate according to ISO 9001 PCE-432 is a Class 1 datalogging decibel meter...
  • Riello: Riello 40 GS10/M progressive or modulating gas burner
    Riello 40 GS10/M progressive or modulating gas burner
    The Riello 40 GS 10/M is part of a series of two-stage progressive or modulating gas burners for residential and soft industrial applications. It offers a heat ouput of 22/42-105kW. The basic models offers two-stage...
  • Brooke Air: Architectural woven mesh - brass
    Architectural woven mesh - brass
    Brooke Air
    Woven mesh is offered for use with natural, convection or forced ventilation systems, for supply or extract applications, to cloak apertures or enhance design. Handmade woven brass meshes are manufactured to suit designers...
  • Herz Valves UK: Bronze drain tap
    Bronze drain tap
    Herz Valves UK
    The Herz drain tap has a bronze body, a brass stem, bonnet and disc holder, and an EPDM seat and seals. It is PN10 pressure rated. The drain tap is available in either 55 or 65mm sizes. Respective weights are 0.22 and...
  • Herz Valves UK: DR lockshield radiator control valve
    DR lockshield radiator control valve
    Herz Valves UK
    The DR lockshield radiator valve has five functions: connecting, closing, presetting, filling and draining. It is made to DIN 3842. Closing is performed by means of a valve spindle, which can be turned to open or close by...
  • Brooke Air: E5C eggcrate grilles
    E5C eggcrate grilles
    Brooke Air
    E5C grilles are fixed mesh grilles for exhaust air applications. They have decorative eggcrate facings. They are available with removable cores for ease of access and cleaning. Additional options include border styles,...
  • Kingspan Environmental: Klargester Domestic + Pumping Station
    Klargester Domestic + Pumping Station
    Kingspan Environmental
    Pumpstor Domestic+ pumping stations are quick and easy to install, and require minimal maintenance, saving time and money. Klargester domestic pumps come fully equipped with single and twin pumps and are suitable for sewage,...
  • Chauvin Arnoux: C-100 Series Clamp
    C-100 Series Clamp
    Chauvin Arnoux
    The C-100 series of Transformer Clamps includes 13 models that are safe, easy to use and high performing. Features: 1000A measurement, high accuracy, linearity, uniformly distributed winding for minimum dephasing,...
  • Herz Valves UK: Mini Design Thermostatic Sensor
    Mini Design Thermostatic Sensor
    Herz Valves UK
    Herzs bi-directional valves can be installed as either a vertical or horizontal thermostatic valve. Features include: Bi-directional flow. Stylish liquid filled sensor. Five-year warranty. Conforms to EN 215 6-28°C...
  • Geberit: Geberit Sigma20 flush plate, dual flush
    Geberit Sigma20 flush plate, dual flush
    The Geberit Sigma20 flush plate has a clean design and promotes water savings through its dual flush actuation mechanism: for dual flush; for use with Geberit Sigma concealed cistern 12 cm and 8 cm; not suitable for Geberit...