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  • TROX UK: Type EK-JZ - Smoke Control Damper
    Type EK-JZ - Smoke Control Damper
    smoke control damper of Type EK-JZ, with CE marking and declaration of performance, for heat and smoke exhaust with mechanical smoke extract systems; for the provision of fresh air (additional supply air) to mechanical smoke...
  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Sports equipment stores
    Sports equipment stores
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    Highly secure, vandal resistant mild steel sheds are ideal for storing sports equipment at sports centres, sports clubs and at remote locations such as boathouses. The stores are vandal resistant, very secure and more...
  • AEL Heating Solutions Ltd: Plate heat exchangers
    Plate heat exchangers
    AEL Heating Solutions Ltd
    Plate heat exchangers are used to heat many types of fluids and operate in the same way whether assembled as a plate and gasket unit or supplied as a brazed plate unit. Both types of heat exchanger transfer energy from hot...
  • Bilco UK: Type SKY-1M sliding skylight smoke ventilator
    Type SKY-1M sliding skylight smoke ventilator
    Bilco UK
    The Type SKY-1M ventilator provides smoke ventilation and natural daylighting. The automatic sliding mechanism can open it to the fire position within 60 seconds with one push of a button. The domed cover is made from...
  • Stokvis Energy Systems: Econoflame R3600 premix commercial boilers
    Econoflame R3600 premix commercial boilers
    Stokvis Energy Systems
    Econoflame R3600 is a fully modulating, high-efficiency, low NOx commercial boiler. It is designed and manufactured for longevity and high performance, as well as being constructed from recyclable materials. Five models in...
  • Reznor: Titan Quartz Glow electric radiant heaters
    Titan Quartz Glow electric radiant heaters
    The Titan Quartz Glow range offers efficient and reliable emergency or 'spot' heating. Both the mobile and static versions of the Titan are fitted with anti-tilt device to prevent misuse or accidents on site. The Titan...
  • AET Flexible Space: CAM-V zonal underfloor air conditioning system
    CAM-V zonal underfloor air conditioning system
    AET Flexible Space
    The CAM-V system makes use of the raised floor void as a plenum for the distribution of supply air. Return air is received back to the unit at ceiling or high level. No division in the floor plenum means the CAM-V system is...
  • NBB Outdoor Shelters: Winterbourne enclosed shelter for machinery
    Winterbourne enclosed shelter for machinery
    NBB Outdoor Shelters
    The Winterbourne enclosed shelter can be used to protect outdoor machinery from adverse weather conditions. It is made bespoke to requirements therefore a free site survey is recommended. Frame is manufactured from 50mm...
  • Construction Specialties: CS Explovent® explosion venting system
    CS Explovent® explosion venting system
    Construction Specialties
    ATEX 95 Compliant, CS Explovent® is a field-testable explosion and pressure relief panel system, for integration into the external facade of a building. Panels hinge open during damaging over-pressures, helping to prevent...
  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Chemsafe hazardous chemical storage
    Chemsafe hazardous chemical storage
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    The Chemsafe range is designed to give compliance with the Health and Safety Guidelines on the safe storage of hazardous substances. Units are also built to be highly secure and vandal-resistant making them ideal for...
  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Drumsafe secure storage
    Drumsafe secure storage
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    Drumsafe units provide weatherproof, highly secure drum storage. They can safely accommodate chemicals and flammables in IBCs or drums on pallets. Key features: made from seam-welded, 3mm steel plates; wing, sliding or...
  • AEL Heating Solutions Ltd: Faral Onice electric radiator
    Faral Onice electric radiator
    AEL Heating Solutions Ltd
    The Faral Onice wall-mounted aluminium electric radiator has an output of 1000W. Key features: RAL 9010 Pure White finish as standard; height - 575mm; length - 535mm; depth - 95mm; output -1000W; 5-year minimum warranty
  • Delta Membrane Systems: Dual V3.1 sump pump station
    Dual V3.1 sump pump station
    Delta Membrane Systems
    The Dual V3.1 groundwater sump pump is suitable for use where 1 or less inlet is required and space is limited. This packaged pump station is designed to collect ground water via a perimeter channel or 110mm pipes (129...
  • Construction Specialties: CS Louvres - Rain Defence
    CS Louvres - Rain Defence
    Construction Specialties
    Weather louvres are used on buildings to allow the passage of air, whilst providing the area beyond them with protection from rain penetration. CS Rain Defence Louvres are engineered to provide up to 100% protection from...
  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Gas bottle cages
    Gas bottle cages
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    Cleveland Sitesafe produces secure gas bottle storage case in any practical length or width. These completely enclosed cages are manufactured from 3mm thick, 35mm x 35mm pressed steel fully welded angles. Top hinge reversal...