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  • AEL Heating Solutions Ltd: Traditional thermostatic valve sets
    Traditional thermostatic valve sets
    AEL Heating Solutions Ltd
    AELs collection of traditional thermostatic valve sets are used for domestic radiators. The valves are available in a broad range of finishes, including polished chrome, brushed nickel, antique copper, and polished and...
  • Lang+Fulton: DeltaWing steel ventilation louvres
    DeltaWing steel ventilation louvres
    DeltaWing is a pressure-locked louvre with a sharp contemporary appearance. The manufacturing process allows for a choice of spacings between the louvred blades, in increments of 11mm. A panel can therefore provide the...
  • Stokvis Energy Systems: Econoplate C Series plate heat exchangers
    Econoplate C Series plate heat exchangers
    Stokvis Energy Systems
    The Econoplate C Series range of packaged plate heat exchangers is designed for use in combination with condensing boilers. They provide instant hot water, raising the temperature from 10 to 60°C without the need for...
  • Reznor: ACV air curtain range
    ACV air curtain range
    The ACV range of air curtains creates a wall of air that prevents heat loss and cold breezes in areas with frequently open doorways. These units are designed to blend with the aesthetics of exclusive storefronts and...
  • Airedale International Air Conditioning: Air-cooled condensers and dry coolers
    Air-cooled condensers and dry coolers
    Airedale International Air Conditioning
    Air-cooled condensers and dry coolers CR 12-174kW (R410A), C/CS 11-105kW DR10-100kW are designed and optimised for R410A in 8 model sizes (CR) with total heat rejection 12-174kW. The R407C range includes 10 model sizes...
  • Stokvis Energy Systems: LTHW expansion vessels
    LTHW expansion vessels
    Stokvis Energy Systems
    LTHW expansion vessels are comprised of a steel shell with an internal rubber diaphragm that separates the gas and water spaces. The range incorporates vertical vessels with legs with capacities from 50-1000L, pipeline...
  • Wilo: CronoBloc-BL monobloc pump
    CronoBloc-BL monobloc pump
    CronoBloc-BL is a glanded pump in block design with flange connection designed for pumping large quantities of hot and cold water, including high-rise building applications. Its low life cycle cost is the result of optimised...
  • Frese: OPTIMA Compact DN50-DN300 PIBC valve
    OPTIMA Compact DN50-DN300 PIBC valve
    The Frese OPTIMA Compact DN50-DN300 pressure independent balancing and control valve (PIBCV) is used in heating and cooling systems with air handling units, heat exchangers or mixing circuits. Used in a wide variety of...
  • Wilo: RainSystem AF Comfort rainwater utilisation system
    RainSystem AF Comfort rainwater utilisation system
    RainSystem AF Comfort is a ready-to-plug rainwater utilisation system for saving potable water in conjunction with cisterns or tanks. It is a compact, connection-ready module, supplied with electrical and hydraulic...
  • Reznor: UESA condensing room-sealed unit heater
    UESA condensing room-sealed unit heater
    UESA condensing room-sealed unit heaters are designed for high energy efficiency. They provide 104% efficiency at full load and are available in four sizes ranging from 35 to 102kW. Other features include a vibration- and...
  • Wilo: VeroLine-IPH-W special in-line pump
    VeroLine-IPH-W special in-line pump
    VeroLine-IPH-W is a special glanded pump if in-line design with a flange connection. It is used for pumping hot water without abrasive matter in closed industrial circulation systems, district heating, closed heating...
  • Airedale International Air Conditioning: OnRak™ rear-door heat exchangers (3-35kW)
    OnRak™ rear-door heat exchangers (3-35kW)
    Airedale International Air Conditioning
    The OnRak is a highly efficient, compact rear-door heat exchanger designed to manage discharge temperatures from the server into the aisle space. In dealing with the heat load closer to the source and with its slim...
  • Sulzer: Lifting station type ABS Sanimat 4002
    Lifting station type ABS Sanimat 4002
    The Sanimat 4002 is a flood-proof lifting station for automatic pumping of wastewater and sewage from areas below the backwash level. The system is in accordance with EN 12050-1. Applications include apartment blocks,...
  • Airedale International Air Conditioning: LogiCool™ FreeCool Chiller (20/40kW)
    LogiCool™ FreeCool Chiller (20/40kW)
    Airedale International Air Conditioning
    LogiCool is a packaged, outdoor, free-cooling chiller designed as an expandable, energy efficient solution for cooling the increasing heat loads of high density servers. It can supply chilled water directly to a rackmounted...
  • BLUCHER UK: Industrial 200 drain, flexible sheets, horizontal outlet
    Industrial 200 drain, flexible sheets, horizontal outlet
    The Industrial 200 is a circular stainless steel floor drain suitable for use in commercial applications including kitchens, plant rooms, food production facilities and pharmaceutical buildings. It is suitable for flexible...