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  • Frese: MODULA balancing and temperature control valve system
    MODULA balancing and temperature control valve system
    The MODULA valve system combines Frese dynamic flow, pressure and temperature control valves with isolation, flushing, draining and measurement components within a prefabricated tested and ready to install terminal...
  • Stokvis Energy Systems: Econopress EPT twin pump pressurisation unit
    Econopress EPT twin pump pressurisation unit
    Stokvis Energy Systems
    The Econopress EPT twin pump pressurisation unit is a single, electronically controlled system. It is designed for use on heating or chilled water systems up to and including 2.8 Bar cold fill pressures. The unit is mounted...
  • Stokvis Energy Systems: LTHW expansion vessels
    LTHW expansion vessels
    Stokvis Energy Systems
    LTHW expansion vessels are comprised of a steel shell with an internal rubber diaphragm that separates the gas and water spaces. The range incorporates vertical vessels with legs with capacities from 50-1000L, pipeline...
  • BLUCHER UK: Sealed rodding eye
    Sealed rodding eye
    The BLÜCHER Sealed Rodding Eye is a nominally 150mm square outlet drain with a screw-locked removable cover. It has a vertical 110mm diameter outlet, and is used for concrete or tiled floors. The drain has a tight-sealing...
  • Airedale International Air Conditioning: SmartCool™ 11-233kW precision air conditioning system
    SmartCool™ 11-233kW precision air conditioning system
    Airedale International Air Conditioning
    SmartCool is a next generation, precision air conditioning solution that can achieve up to an 88% saving in power consumption and increased uptime. It has an integrated colour touchscreen user interface Vu™ for enhanced...
  • Prihoda UK Ltd: Textile diffusers/ducts - overview
    Textile diffusers/ducts - overview
    Prihoda UK Ltd
    Textile diffusers - also known as air socks, textile ventilation and fabric ducts - are manufactured bespoke to suit each application. Heating, cooling, and tempered fresh air, or a mixture of all three, can be provided. At...
  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Gas bottle cages
    Gas bottle cages
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    Cleveland Sitesafe produces secure gas bottle storage case in any practical length or width. These completely enclosed cages are manufactured from 3mm thick, 35mm x 35mm pressed steel fully welded angles. Top hinge reversal...
  • Airedale International Air Conditioning: OptiChill & OptiChill FreeCool screw chiller 500-1365kW
    OptiChill & OptiChill FreeCool screw chiller 500-1365kW
    Airedale International Air Conditioning
    OptiChill™ 500 – 1365kW is a A high efficiency, large capacity, air-cooled screw chiller thatmeets large cooling loads with a low energy, low sound cooling solution designed to minimise environmental impact. t has a small...
  • AEL Heating Solutions Ltd: Faral SlimStar electric radiator
    Faral SlimStar electric radiator
    AEL Heating Solutions Ltd
    Faral SlimStar aluminium radiators are a popular choice with engineers involved with projects using conventional heating systems as well as renewable energy heat sources such as solar and ground source heat pumps: adjustable...
  • Wilo: Stratos glandless circulation pump
    Stratos glandless circulation pump
    Stratos is a glandless circulation pump with a threaded or flange connection, and an EC motor with automatic power adjustment. It is used for hot water heating systems of all kinds, air-conditioning systems, closed cooling...
  • Reznor: ULTRA condensing unit heaters
    ULTRA condensing unit heaters
    ULTRA are fully condensing gas fired unit heaters that combine high thermal efficiency, quality components and ease of maintenance for enhanced life expectancy and reduced life cycle costs. They operate at efficiency levels...
  • Frese: AquaHeat twin plate heat interface unit (HIU)
    AquaHeat twin plate heat interface unit (HIU)
    Frese's AquaHeat twin plate heat interface unit (HIU) is designed for the generation of instantaneous domestic hot water and the supply of indirect space heating. This HIU provides hydraulic separation between the domestic...
  • Airedale International Air Conditioning: ACIS™ Lite facility monitoring
    ACIS™ Lite facility monitoring
    Airedale International Air Conditioning
    ACIS™ Lite is a comprehensive monitoring solution for small- to medium-sized facilities, scalable as businesses grow. Providing real-time insights, ACIS™ Lite safeguards continuous performance, identifying problems before...
  • AEL Heating Solutions Ltd: Linear PlanRad skirting convectors
    Linear PlanRad skirting convectors
    AEL Heating Solutions Ltd
    Linear PlanRad steel panel skirting radiators provide a high heat output. Standard radiators are flat panels with rounded corners and edges with an integral top grill. They are constructed from high-grade steel plate and are...
  • Stokvis Energy Systems: Econoplate E2 SW steam-to-water plate heat exchanger
    Econoplate E2 SW steam-to-water plate heat exchanger
    Stokvis Energy Systems
    The Econoplate E2 SW range of steam-to-water packed plate heat exchangers are available in 3 ranges covering a total of 23 hot water Service (HWS) units and 41 low temperature hot water (LTHW) heating units, with outputs...