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  • Airedale International Air Conditioning: LogiCool™ FreeCool Chiller (20/40kW)
    LogiCool™ FreeCool Chiller (20/40kW)
    Airedale International Air Conditioning
    LogiCool is a packaged, outdoor, free-cooling chiller designed as an expandable, energy efficient solution for cooling the increasing heat loads of high density servers. It can supply chilled water directly to a rackmounted...
  • BLUCHER UK: Above ground grease separator
    Above ground grease separator
    The BLUCHER grease separator is used for industrial and kitchen applications. It comes in a arrange of sizes to suit specific requirements. BLUCHER grease separators are a modern version of the traditional grease / fat trap...
  • Stokvis Energy Systems: Econopress EPT-ENH enhanced pressurisation unit
    Econopress EPT-ENH enhanced pressurisation unit
    Stokvis Energy Systems
    The Econopress EPT-ENH enhanced pressurisation unit is a twin pump, electrically controlled single system. It is suitable for use on heating or chilled water systems up to and including 2.8 bar cold fill pressure. The unit...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: MessageMAXX™ telemetry
    MessageMAXX™ telemetry
    Delta Membrane Systems
    MessageMAXX™ combined with AlertMAXX™ enables remote monitoring when clients are away from their property. Messages are sent to predetermined phone numbers using GSM technology and are received in text format. Installation...
  • Wilo: EMU 6“–24
    EMU 6“–24" submersible pumps
    EMU 6“–24" are submersible motor pumps with sectional construction for for vertical or horizontal installation. They are used for a variety of water supply and circulation applications. Specific applications: for potable...
  • TROX UK: Multi Service Chilled Beams (MSCB)
    Multi Service Chilled Beams (MSCB)
    TROX UK designs and manufactures bespoke Multi-Service Chilled Beams (MSCB) to meet technical specifications and design requirements. Advantages include improved efficiency of space utilisation. Suspended ceilings are...
  • Frese: TemCon domestic hot water thermostatic valve
    TemCon domestic hot water thermostatic valve
    The CirCon thermostatic valve in stainless steel AISI 316 is used for domestic hot water systems with circulation. A by-pass outside the thermal part of the valve allows the temperature to be raised to between 70°C and 80°C,...
  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Universal - secure chemical stores
    Universal - secure chemical stores
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    Universal cabinets are fully compliant with all flammable and chemical storage regulations, and ideal as chemical stores or flammables stores either inside the workplace or outdoors. They are extremely robust and vandal...
  • AEL Heating Solutions Ltd: Plate heat exchangers
    Plate heat exchangers
    AEL Heating Solutions Ltd
    Plate heat exchangers are used to heat many types of fluids and operate in the same way whether assembled as a plate and gasket unit or supplied as a brazed plate unit. Both types of heat exchanger transfer energy from hot...
  • AEL Heating Solutions Ltd: Faral SlimStar electric radiator
    Faral SlimStar electric radiator
    AEL Heating Solutions Ltd
    Faral SlimStar aluminium radiators are a popular choice with engineers involved with projects using conventional heating systems as well as renewable energy heat sources such as solar and ground source heat pumps: adjustable...
  • Frese: OPTIMA Compact DN50-DN300 PIBC valve
    OPTIMA Compact DN50-DN300 PIBC valve
    The Frese OPTIMA Compact DN50-DN300 pressure independent balancing and control valve (PIBCV) is used in heating and cooling systems with air handling units, heat exchangers or mixing circuits. Used in a wide variety of...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: Dual V3 below-ground packaged sump pump station
    Dual V3 below-ground packaged sump pump station
    Delta Membrane Systems
    The Dual V3 packaged sump pump station from DELTA is designed to collect ground water via perimeter channel or 110mm pipes (129 detail) and / or clear opening to the top of the chamber. Grey water can also be collected via...
  • Prihoda UK Ltd: Cooling/refrigeration fabric ducting systems
    Cooling/refrigeration fabric ducting systems
    Prihoda UK Ltd
    Fabric Ducting is a wonderful product for delivering cool air. The high diffusion area of a Fabric Duct allows large volumes of air to escape through the weave and the diffusers at very low velocity, proving many kW of...
  • Stokvis Energy Systems: LTHW expansion vessels
    LTHW expansion vessels
    Stokvis Energy Systems
    LTHW expansion vessels are comprised of a steel shell with an internal rubber diaphragm that separates the gas and water spaces. The range incorporates vertical vessels with legs with capacities from 50-1000L, pipeline...
  • Stokvis Energy Systems: Econoplate i2 Series hot water service heat exchangers
    Econoplate i2 Series hot water service heat exchangers
    Stokvis Energy Systems
    The Stokvis Econoplate i2 series of packaged plate heat exchangers are available in three ranges, covering over 40 units with outputs from 51 up to 1120kW (when fed with primary water at 80°C, secondary temperatures...