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  • Delta Membrane Systems: Basement drainage protection
    Basement drainage protection
    Delta Membrane Systems
    Cavity Drain Systems generally require a collection sump + pump to manage the collection and discharge of ground and/or foul water. This automatically manages the evacuation of water ingress and requires mains power to...
  • BLUCHER UK: Industrial 200 drain, concrete floors, horizontal outlet
    Industrial 200 drain, concrete floors, horizontal outlet
    The Industrial 200 is a square-topped stainless steel floor drain suitable for use in commercial applications including kitchens, plant rooms, food production facilities and pharmaceutical buildings. It is suitable for tiled...
  • Marshalls CPM: Oasis grey water and rain water harvesting system
    Oasis grey water and rain water harvesting system
    Marshalls CPM
    CPM has developed a sustainable water collection, storage and supply system to help reduce the demand for mains water from domestic and commercial buildings. The Oasis rainwater and greywater harvesting system is just one...
  • Reznor: UDSA warm air unit heater
    UDSA warm air unit heater
    Reznor UDSA units are a technically advanced range of gas-fired unit heaters that are designed to deliver outstanding energy efficiency, performance and economy for reduced operating and life cycle costs. The heat exchanger...
  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Universal - secure chemical stores
    Universal - secure chemical stores
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    Universal steel cabinets are designed to be used as chemical stores or flammables stores either inside the workplace or outdoors. Fully compliant with all flammable and chemical storage regulations, they are extremely robust...
  • Sulzer: Lifting station type ABS Sanimat 1002
    Lifting station type ABS Sanimat 1002
    Sanimat 1002 is a flood-proof, double lifting station for automatic sewage pumping from areas below the backwash level. The station is in accordance with EN 12050-1. Sanimat 1002 is ideal for effective dewatering of domestic...
  • Glasdon UK: Garrison™ housings
    Garrison™ housings
    Glasdon UK
    The versatile Garrison GRP Modular Housing allows for variation and relocation if needed. Tough and durable, it is ideal for electrical and switchgear enclosures, communications network housings, valve and transformer...
  • Reznor: Guardian commercial air curtains
    Guardian commercial air curtains
    Guardian range air curtains are designed to complement the style of any commercial, or retail premise. This unit can be wall-mounted, recessed, or suspended on drop rods in front of glass fronted entrances. With a host of...
  • TROX UK: Ventilation Grilles - Floor Installation
    Ventilation Grilles - Floor Installation
    TROX offers single ventilation grilles and horizontal run sections with special profiled blades. Nominal sizes: 300x75-1800x300mm and horizontal run sections. Volume flow rate range: 17-1350 l/s or 6-4860 m³/h. Grille face...
  • Cleveland Sitesafe: Tool stores
    Tool stores
    Cleveland Sitesafe
    These highly secure vandal resistant steel sheds are ideal for storing tools and equipment at any site. They provide highly secure on-site storage or can be used as a workbase in their own right. The stores are vandal...
  • Wilo: Stratos PICO circulation pump
    Stratos PICO circulation pump
    Stratos PICO is a glandless circulation pump with a threaded connection, a blocking-current proof EC motor and integrated electronic performance control. It is used for all hot water heating systems, air conditioning...
  • TROX UK: Type TVZ VAV Terminal Unit
    Type TVZ VAV Terminal Unit
    Type TVZ VAV terminal unit for the supply air control in buildings with variable air volume systems and demanding acoustic requirements. Highly effective integral attenuator; box-style construction for the reduction of the...
  • Vertiv: Liebert® EXS high-performance, compact UPS, 10-80 kVA
    Liebert® EXS high-performance, compact UPS, 10-80 kVA
    Liebert® EXS combines compact design and improved performances. It is able to provide the utmost active power possible in a compact footprint. In fact, its improved design reduces its footprint to a minimum and enhances its...
  • Reznor: OUH unit heaters
    OUH unit heaters
    Benson OUHA oil-fired unit heaters are suitable for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. They are have a high capacity axial fan for optimum air distribution, with larger models fitted with twin fans.
  • Reznor: Vision VSX energy efficient radiant tube heating
    Vision VSX energy efficient radiant tube heating
    Vision high efficiency radiant tube heaters can reduce energy costs due to their high efficiency advanced burner. The inclusion of a recuperative heat exchanger on the high efficiency VSX models, mounted adjacent to the...