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  • McDonald Engineers: SOLARsave solar water heater
    SOLARsave solar water heater
    McDonald Engineers
    SOLARsave are pre-plumbed hot water storage heaters for renewable energy systems. The range of SOLARSAVE units has been designed to provide simplicity to solar installations. A Resol "Flowcon" unit, attached McDonald...
  • McDonald Engineers: THERMflow thermal store hot water system
    THERMflow thermal store hot water system
    McDonald Engineers
    THERMflow is a thermal store mains pressure hot water system. The THERMflow thermal storage system works by reversing the function of the primary (heating) and secondary (domestic) waters. The primary water is stored in the...
  • McDonald Engineers: Indirect TIMEsaver plumbing unit
    Indirect TIMEsaver plumbing unit
    McDonald Engineers
    The TIMEsaver plumbing unit is a pre-plumbed storage tank and cylinder for hot water applications. The TIMEsaver plumbing unit provides plumbers and specifiers with a compact, pre-plumbed storage tank and copper hot water...
  • McDonald Engineers: PLATEflow water heater
    PLATEflow water heater
    McDonald Engineers
    The PLATEflow system comprises a brazed plate heat exchanger (PHE), pre-piped and mounted on a buffer vessel. It is designed to supply hot water in situations where demand can vary over the course of a day, e.g. hotels,...
  • CAREL UK: OEM humidifier kits
    OEM humidifier kits
    CAREL offers OEM humidification control systems for manufacturers of air handling units. The new OEM humidifier kits have been developed to be a universal, flexible and simple solution to fit any requirement a manufacturer...
  • Byworth Boilers: Dalesman hot water boilers
    Dalesman hot water boilers
    Byworth Boilers
    The Dalesman is a traditional three-pass wetback shell hot water boiler. It is ideally suited to cope with the rigours and continual heavy workload of commercial heating and industrial process applications. High- and...
  • Byworth Boilers: Yorkshireman steam boilers
    Yorkshireman steam boilers
    Byworth Boilers
    The Yorkshireman is a traditional three-pass wetback shell steam boiler, and is ideal for heavy continuous workload. Proven over many years in installations across the world, the Yorkshireman boiler is specified by engineers...
  • Byworth Boilers: MX steam boilers
    MX steam boilers
    Byworth Boilers
    Proven in the field over many years, the MX boiler is a cost-effective reverse-flame wetback boiler suitable for applications where light to medium steam load is required. Typical applications include laundry and cleaning,...
  • Byworth Boilers: PHW hot water boilers
    PHW hot water boilers
    Byworth Boilers
    The PHW is a reverse-flame wetback shell hot water boiler. It is economical in both purchase price and running costs without compromising reliability. Its simple operation makes it ideal for low-pressure commercial heating...
  • Byworth Boilers: Fellsman hot water boilers
    Fellsman hot water boilers
    Byworth Boilers
    The Fellsman is a reverse-flame wetback shell hot water boiler. It is a compact and highly efficient boiler suitable for commercial heating and industrial process applications.
  • Byworth Boilers: Waste heat boilers
    Waste heat boilers
    Byworth Boilers
    Byworth waste heat boilers use heat that is generated as a by-product of another process, such as combined heat and power systems or incineration. They are individually designed in house to suit each installation, to achieve...
  • Byworth Boilers: Boiler housing construction
    Boiler housing construction
    Byworth Boilers
    Byworth offers boiler housing solutions that save installation time on site and allow boiler plant be relocated in the future. Options range from cost-effective purpose-built container-style boiler housings to full-portal...
  • Byworth Boilers: Boiler hire
    Boiler hire
    Byworth Boilers
    There are numerous reasons why you may require Byworths boiler hire service, ranging from a sudden breakdown to a planned long term need for extra capacity. Whatever the requirement the Byworth hire fleet has been designed...
  • Brooke Air: Architectural woven mesh - brass
    Architectural woven mesh - brass
    Brooke Air
    Woven mesh is offered for use with natural, convection or forced ventilation systems, for supply or extract applications, to cloak apertures or enhance design. Handmade woven brass meshes are manufactured to suit designers...
  • Brooke Air: LCS linear diffuser
    LCS linear diffuser
    Brooke Air
    LCS is a linear, continuous slot diffuser. It has been developed as a simple, economical continuous slot air distribution system. It is suitable for variable air volume schemes or fan coil applications. The air direction...