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  • AC Fluid Technology: TVR61 brass check valve
    TVR61 brass check valve
    AC Fluid Technology
    TVR61 brass check valves are robust well-proven designs for hydraulic and pneumatic media in heating systems, air conditioning systems, submersible pumps, pressure lines and many other applications. The valves have a...
  • Commercial Industrial Heat: CHDA Electric architectural wall heater
    CHDA Electric architectural wall heater
    Commercial Industrial Heat
    Architecturally styled heavy duty fan wall heaters for commercial areas. Rugged construction without the ‘industrial’ look makes the CHDA an ideal choice for entrance lobbies, stairways and waiting rooms. Higher capacities,...
  • Commercial Industrial Heat: Taskmaster electric heavy-duty unit heater
    Taskmaster electric heavy-duty unit heater
    Commercial Industrial Heat
    Heavy-duty unit heater for horizontal or vertical mounting. Ideal for space heating of larger areas such as warehouses, open plan stores, sports halls, factories and for anti-condensation heating in plant rooms. Mount with...
  • Commercial Industrial Heat: Electric ODH
    Electric ODH
    Commercial Industrial Heat
    The Electric Over-Door Heater is designed to warm air around the entrance area creating a pleasant environment to walk into. The models are surface mounted and are supplied with an adjustable bracket.
  • Prihoda UK Ltd: Heating fabric duct systems
    Heating fabric duct systems
    Prihoda UK Ltd
    Non-permeable material is used when heating with Prihoda fabric ducting so that all of the air exits the diffusers to travel to the occupied zone. Prihoda offers a range of diffusers which suit a large variety of...
  • Prihoda UK Ltd: Textile diffusers/ducts - overview
    Textile diffusers/ducts - overview
    Prihoda UK Ltd
    Textile diffusers - also known as air socks, textile ventilation and fabric ducts - are manufactured bespoke to suit each application. Heating, cooling, and tempered fresh air, or a mixture of all three, can be provided.
  • Roof-Pro: Lite-Anchor lightning conductor fixings for flat roofs
    Lite-Anchor lightning conductor fixings for flat roofs
    Lite-Anchor is used to secure lightning conductor tape to a flat roof membrane. Easy to use, Lite-Anchor provides a superior detail to accommodate high levels of movement without exerting stress on the bond to the roof.
  • Roof-Pro: Roof-Pro support for building services on flat roof
    Roof-Pro support for building services on flat roof
    Roof-Pro's support systems are designed to each individual flat roof structure. They provide stability, weight distribution and building clearance, ensuring that services are fully supported without the need for penetrative...
  • Airflow Developments: Maxivent eco axial fans
    Maxivent eco axial fans
    Airflow Developments
    Maxivent eco timer fans combine quiet powerful performance with proven reliability in both fixed grille and auto shutter versions. This stylish, modern 150mm low energy axial fan will blend comfortably with existing decor...
  • A & H Brass: Blade floor ventilation grille
    Blade floor ventilation grille
    A & H Brass
    Floor grilles are made to order. They are available framed and unframed in a number of different finishes.
  • A & H Brass: Metal grille mesh for radiators
    Metal grille mesh for radiators
    A & H Brass
    Protect your radiator grilles with A & H Brass' range of made-to-fit metal grille mesh. The companies range of mesh for grilles collection is available in a variety of finishes, including bronze, nickel and brass.
  • Commercial Industrial Heat: CQAC electric fan forced wall heater
    CQAC electric fan forced wall heater
    Commercial Industrial Heat
    The CQAC range of fan forced electric wall heaters are suitable for commercial areas such as entrance lobbies, stairways, corridors and waiting rooms. A robust electric wall heater, it is ideal for heavy traffic areas.
  • Commercial Industrial Heat: CQIR quartz infrared heaters
    CQIR quartz infrared heaters
    Commercial Industrial Heat
    Radiant heat is an efficient way of heating large, poorly insulated, drafty buildings and for heating specific areas. CQIR infra red heaters are therefore well suited to warehouses, factories, loading areas, garages, sports...
  • Commercial Industrial Heat: Electric high level heater
    Electric high level heater
    Commercial Industrial Heat
    Designed for general space heating applications, where a high level mounted heater is required. The fully adjustable bracket allows the adjustment of the direction of airflow for optimum heat distribution. The high-level...
  • Norstrom Group: Woltman WPH-N water meter
    Woltman WPH-N water meter
    Norstrom Group
    The WPH-N Woltmann Water Meter has been designed for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. These are used for high flow rates with a relative constant flow rate profile that needs to be measured. Due to the...