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  • Airedale International Air Conditioning: CITB J04 & J05 – Pipework & Brazing
    CITB J04 & J05 – Pipework & Brazing
    Airedale International Air Conditioning
    A two-day course for AC-R engineers who carry out installation and assembly work associated with pipework and brazing. The course provides knowledge and understanding of working with different copper line diameters and brazing material alloys to produce quality leak-proof joints both in commercial and industrial applications. It also covers...
    CPD, 30 November 2016
  • Geberit: Embedding acoustics into design
    Embedding acoustics into design
    Noise caused by sanitaryware and concealed pipework can be an issue in multi-storey buildings such as hotels, offices and apartments. To help architects, specifiers and M&E contractors understand and address this problem, Geberit has launched a new RIBA-approved CPD, Embedding Acoustics into Design...
    CPD, 25 July 2016
  • Fabric Ducting Design (Overview)
    Prihoda UK Ltd
    Prihoda's Fabric Ducting Design (Overview) course provides engineers with an understanding of fabric ducting and the factors to consider during specification of a system. The course explores: common design principles; suitable applications; air patterns from different styles of diffuser; common pitfalls; and other things to consider....
    CPD, 07 December 2015
  • Safe access all areas
    Bilco UK
    Throughout 2018 Bilco is offering 'Safe access all areas' CPD seminars to learn more about roof access and natural smoke ventilation for flat roofs. The CPD outlines current practice in the provision of smoke ventilation and roof access, discusses new design considerations and applications as a result of the latest Building Regulations with...
    CPD, 17 May 2018
  • Smoke ventilation and its importance and regulation
    Whitesales® Rooflights and Accessories
    Whitesales offers a free CPD training programme for architects called 'Smoke ventilation and its importance and regulation'. This seminar - which is presented at a date, time and location of your choice - highlights the importance of smoke ventilation for buildings and occupants, as well as the regulations that govern compliance around the topic...
    CPD, 21 August 2017
  • Radiant cooling and heating
    The ability to economically heat and cool buildings, whilst considering the environmental impact, is becoming more and more important. This is especially so in large spaces such as offices, warehouses, sports centres, retail outlets, schools and hospitals where energy use is high. A range of options are available when choosing heating and cooling...
    CPD, 19 July 2012